Conducting an interview requires extensive preparation. A video interview can become a boring experience for the viewer or it can be intriguing and satiating. While experts will always have interesting facts and anecdotes to share, it is eventually up to the interviewer to weave it all into an interesting narrative. Since an interview cannot be.This article will also be useful for students who prepeare for writing an interview essay. Of course, this is a slightly different format, but the tips on how to make an impression on the interviewer, present yourself in the best light, get the desired job, can easily be used for written work. read more →

You have probably wondered how people who post videos on YouTube and other video blogging sites make money. Statistics show that there are over 5 billion videos watched on YouTube every day, and the most watched videos get a paycheck from YouTube. Forecasts indicate that by the year 2025, half of the population will not.. read more →

During my 8 year blogging career I have seen a wide range of blogging mistakes. A few errors seem to afflict most bloggers at one time or another during their careers. If you are making these specific mistakes you can turn things around quickly. Honestly check yourself as you read through this list. Being truthful.. read more →

Have you attended any of the Game of Thrones concerts featuring its composer Ramin Djawadi, perhaps in Portland or Chicago or in Vancouver? Ramin Djawadi is one of the finest music composers of the era and yet he uses footage from the show and also live props to engage the audience. The compositions of Djawadi.. read more →

Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook feed or Instagram and seen one of your friends liking and sharing a post? All the time right? Think again, have any of those posts been about a brand, an experience at a party or a competition to win something? Now you are thinking yes and now you.. read more →

Where do I get my inspiration from? Which blog posts do I read to keep up with this ever changing, ever progressing industry? This list is nowhere close to being exhaustive, just my personal note on the blogs that are worth visiting. Here we go: (In no particular order) Borelli Strategies  Nick* specializes in digital marketing.. read more →

Vlogging had never really become as popular as blogging. But it is now proving to be more effective. In the last decade, vlogging has churned millionaires out of gamers who upload videos of them playing with a running commentary. Vlogging has helped movie critics develop their own channel and they are not only self employed.. read more →

Everyone needs to find a niche. It doesn’t have to be too arty and hence catering to a certain elite. It doesn’t have to be massy to become acceptable in popular culture. Niche doesn’t imply either of the two extremes. Niche is just a specialization, a particular category or type wherein your expertise lies. To.. read more →

07 Nov 2022
November 7, 2022

Blogging vs. Vlogging

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When it comes to blogging vs. vlogging, it is safe to say that this debate isn’t going to die. People continue to be extremely passionate about the benefits of either possibility. However, what no one can ultimately agree on is which one is ideal for the widest range of brands. To be sure, if you.. read more →

Vlogging is a really big deal these days. Vloggers can easily become overnight celebrities. Video blogging allows for individuals to create content that is entirely their own. Everything is stripped right down to the tastes, voice, and perspective of the individuals. It also allows for an enormous, deep well of creative possibilities. Brands are starting.. read more →