Everyone would want to work with the best team in a given industry or scenario. Everyone would want to get the best out of a team. Sadly, neither of the two is a given.

You have to work towards developing a great team and leveraging their abilities to the utmost possibilities.

There are many ways to identify and leverage your team. It is necessary to put things into the right context. In the event industry, there are certain types of leadership that works wonders. Autocratic leadership doesn’t work well if you need some team members to be a tad independent. But democratic leadership will backfire if not everyone has the same level of competence. What you should opt for is situational leadership.

Mantra 1 | Situational Leadership

Situational leadership is a style wherein a leader would take into account every facet of a situation and then determine the leadership approach. The situation needs to be assessed in its entirety. Any given situation while planning, organising and executing an event will have certain challenges. There will be a team, certain resources and skills to overcome those challenges. The situations must be seen in isolation and should be dealt with on a situational basis. When it is warranted, you must bestow the responsibility on the most able member of your team given the relevant skills and experience. When there is teamwork needed, empower everyone. Whenever you have to rely on someone or when you have to exercise absolute control, act accordingly. Situational leadership is relevant. It is diverse and effective given the circumstances your team is in.

Situational leadership also allows you to treat different teams or members in a way that is deserving. For instance, experts can be given some leeway but a fresher or anyone who is not very deft need to be handheld. You cannot have the same approach for both. Most styles of leadership will have a standard approach in all circumstances.

Mantra 2 | Accountability via Fellowship

Fellowship plays a pivotal role in determining success or failure in every scenario where two or more individuals are involved. If the fellowship is strong, the bond is positive and there is an unflinching, sincere and invested focus of everyone sharing the bond, then success is only a matter of time and transforming the conviction into hard work. You should make every team member accountable for their fellow team members. Let the members pull up one another and get the job done instead of you indulging in trickle down management practices.

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