Tragedies have united and separated people since time immemorial. Manmade or natural, tragedies are always devastating. The magnitude of devastation may vary. The modern world is plagued more with manmade tragedies than natural. More people die on the roads than in floods and more innocent people die in terrorist attacks than in wars. At a.. read more →

If you are not an avid list maker, it is time you start. Making lists has extreme benefits that successful event professionals all over the world understand. Benefits of List Making: Our brain is a powerful memory tool, but we cram so much into it. Sometimes it needs a little help. A To Do list.. read more →

No matter how much we dislike plagiarism or try to root for the right way of doing anything, copying or seeking inspiration from as some people put it as will never cease. It has been there since time immemorial. Even the greatest epics from various cultures or civilizations have a lot in common. The major.. read more →

16 Sep 2016
September 16, 2016

Properly Assessing the Outcome of An Event

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When it comes to scheduling an event, there are often different perspectives as far as how well it went. Some people assess how well something went purely on a for-profit basis. If you were able to generate a lot of sales but failed to make new clients, people will consider that a success. Other times,.. read more →

31 Aug 2016
August 31, 2016

If You Expect Your Salesforce to Follow-Up on the Leads After Your Tradeshows – “FAGETABOUTIT”

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Why won’t YOUR salesforce follow-up? Because they can’t… so they won’t…and don’t. And you should not expect them to or blame them for not following up. Whaaaaaat? Oh they might contact the names the people they know or the company names they recognize. But 86% of tradeshow booth visitors today are NEW BUSINESS prospects –.. read more →

You are obviously accustomed with the basic demands of organising a conference. A local conference and an international conference will have certain identical quintessential needs. From planning to organising and the execution of the plan can be attended to with the same approach and diligence. It is the additional requirements that must be looked into… read more →

Everyone would want to work with the best team in a given industry or scenario. Everyone would want to get the best out of a team. Sadly, neither of the two is a given. You have to work towards developing a great team and leveraging their abilities to the utmost possibilities. There are many ways.. read more →

08 Aug 2016
August 8, 2016

Sustainability: How to Plan a Sustainable Event?

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Sustainability is a quintessential component of an event. We are not talking about sustainability of an event regarding its success or failure, impact or outreach. We are talking about sustainable event management. Sustainable event management is also referred to as event greening. Over the last thirty years, sustainable event management has not only become the.. read more →

06 Jul 2016
July 6, 2016

Immersive Experiences Are Redefining The Event Industry

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Immersive experiences are the latest demand in a string of increasing expectations of the audience. Guests at business events, product launches, seminars or major conferences don’t want to sit and attend a long lecture, listen to the keynote speakers followed by a stretched panel discussion and then a short Q&A session. The audience wants to.. read more →

Is there a better way to make things better? Every company or event planner who intends to enhance the experience of the attendees will wonder if the typical or the imperative elements can be bettered. There are many ways to improve the event but most people consider more expensive ways. What’s more expensive may certainly.. read more →