Can you gauge the personality of a person without them uttering a single word? The body gives off certain nonverbal cues that make all the difference between how people relate to us. It is the reason that in less than 10 seconds of walking into a room, the occupants of the room already have a perception of you, visually without you uttering a single word.

Networking events are all the range in the modern business world where the building of relationships is essential to gaining important business connections. Could you be undermining yourself by the nonverbal cues your body is giving? It is important that in any event, you check yourself to be on the best behavior and avoid people from approaching you.

Let us look at the key factors to consider when going for a networking event.


Successful networkers portray an excellent impression during face-to-face meetings. They fix their gaze on their conversation partner, straight in their eyes. This tactic will make the person you are holding a conversation to feel unique and important. Depending on your shyness levels, practice makes perfect.

Do not make the mistake of looking behind or above a person; this will not ignite the spark that only lies in the eyes.

Facial Expression

The greatest nonverbal cue you give off is with your facial expressions. It goes toe to toe with eye contact. In any event, that you are in, your facial expression will betray your real emotions, and it is vital that you keep them in check. In any event, it will work in your favor to look interested, alert, trustworthy, as well as knowledgeable.


You have seen those individuals who walk into the room, and they seem like they are floating around the room, making contact, laughing, and having fun. The secret they have mastered is to control their body posture by ensuring they are cognizant of what is transpiring in the room and are aware of how to pull attention to the areas of their body that will hide their flaws.

Do not cross your arms, put your hands in the pocket, fidget with your phone, or hide your hands behind your back. Be open by knowing the right time to put your hand on your hips and the right way to prop your body.

In conclusion, remember that the language your body gives off will determine the success you get in any of your future encounters. Practice with a friend or a colleague from the office, and you will get better in no time.

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2 Responses to 3 Tips To Enhance Your Body Language
  1. Ryan Biddulph April 28, at 2:02 am Reply

    Eye contact is a biggie. I am improving in that regard. As for floating around a room I do that too but it’s because I move fast LOL. Fab tips.



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