Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and event planners everywhere are working hard to make sure that they have the best event in the area planned. Here are a few ideas to get your wheels turning when creating your Valentine’s Day event!

Dance lessons

There are few things more romantic than ballroom dancing. Hire a pro and let the couples who come to this event twirl the night away. There’s sure to be lots of laughter and falling in love at this event, so be prepared!

Kid’s Masquerade Ball

Kids love dressing up and Halloween only comes once a year. For this event they get to wear their fanciest clothes and cool masks. Fun trays of snacks will make it even more exciting. Chaperones get to participate too!

Wine and Chocolate Tasting

This is adults only. For this event pair different wines with chocolates and enjoy tasting how they complement each other. Keepsake wine glasses that the couples can take home will help them remember the wonderful time that they spent together during your event.

Couple’s Cooking Classes

For the couple that loves to be in the kitchen – the participants in this event will love spending time together cooking and the romantic meal that follows. By allowing them to each bring their favorite bottle of wine to enjoy with dinner you’re sure to have a winning event with this one.

Dinner Theatre

Dinner and a show has been a constant source of enjoyment for many people. Either make it more adult or keep it kid friendly for those couples who have already expanded their family.

Pottery Painting Party

Nothing says “I love you” like a vase of fresh roses. This year make sure that the vase doesn’t end up at Goodwill by painting it. The participants in this event will love having something special to remember the day by.

Crafting Event

For kids and adults – this event can range from jewellery for mom to hand lettering or making paper flowers. Either way there are sure to be some keepsake crafts being created and lots of memories made as well.

As you can see, there’s no need to stick with the trite dinner, chocolates, and maybe a movie. These are a few ideas for you to enjoy with your significant other and even the kids, if you have them! This year think outside of the box and enjoy one of these fun Valentine’s Day events!

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