Not all of us are eccentrics, so it makes much sense that we become sociable in other ways. Being approachable and the first encounter with strangers can be a life –changing moment. The business or personal success for most people could be attributed to the sheer power of connection.Here, then, are 7 ways to make friends at events.

View strangers as friends

More often than not, we have a hard time establishing new friends because strangers remain just that: strangers. Yet, changing your mindset is all that you need to turn things around. Suppose you start seeing them as long-lost friends. It would be easy to establish a rapport and long lasting friendship.

See possibilities

An interaction should not just be about pleasantries. A ‘hi’ will lead to a conversation and before you realize it, you are talking more and opening to each other.

You are not the only one who is scared

When it comes to social interactions, the assumption is that you are the odd ball, a snob who feels out of place. It is possible that the other person is just as nervous as you are. When you break the ice, the other person will probably be so relieved that you threw the first salvo!

Build value and be helpful

Friendship is not just about   holding conversations and sharing fun. People around are looking for someone who is going to be helpful to them. Be the person who will add value. When you meet people at live events, the first thing that people look for is a person who is seeking to establish real connections, not a whirlwind of pleasantries.

Lay the ground work

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. This is altruistic when it comes to making friendship. You don‘t have to wait till the events starts to start seeking connections. One should arrive ahead of time with well laid-out plans to help you prepare. You can make short notes on what to do. The list does not have to be for a face to face connection. You can make a list on social media platform where you can start the interaction right away when you arrive at the event.

Reaching out to the other people can be a bit of a challenge to many people. This is because you are afraid of their reaction. Questions crowd your judgement:

  • What will they think about me?
  • Am I intruding?
  • Should I actually be the one reaching out?

The answer to the questions is just one: make the first move in a bold way. Be positive and sound excited about the prospects. It is highly unlikely that they will ignore you. Some follow up emails or tweets will maintain the tempo of the anticipation.


As we are aware,there is power in a smile. It disarms even the coldest people at live events. It softens hearts. Since a smile is contagious, smile and the rest of the world will smile back.

What’s your advice?


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