One of the fundamental pillars of a successful event is in getting sponsors for an event. Many event organizers, find getting a sponsor an arduous task, but it does not have to be. You may have used age-old processes of cold calling/emailing potential prospects, but such methods lack creativity. Sponsors are looking to get their brand associated with events that use innovation to bring value to the attendees.

In this article, we show you five of the best tips to getting more high paying sponsors for your events.

Know Your Audience

Increase your chances of getting more sponsors by showing a clear understanding of who will attend your event. This will help you to plan for the entire event right from the right sponsors to approach as well as the kind of marketing strategies to employ to reach out to your niche demographic.

Which Corporates Suits your Event?

Knowing your niche demographic is the first step, however, identifying the right business to be your sponsor is the strategies for winners. Determine the companies that will gain most when you expose them to your audience, and they will bankroll all the finances you need.

Do your research on the non-media sponsors that will benefit from the exposure your event will bring such as non-alcoholic/alcoholic beverages, banks, supermarkets, et al.

Have a solid Proposal

Create a proposal that will make a connection with the decision maker for which you want the company to sponsor your event. A comprehensive sponsorship proposal must contain a story that creates an emotional connection, a mission statement, a clear outline of benefits the sponsor will get, a clearly described demographic, a list of the event advisory board, and the last part, ask for the money.

Approach the Decision Maker

When looking for sponsors, it is best to know who has the most influence in granting you a sponsorship deal. Ensure to speak to the department heads in the marketing, public relations, brand management, et al. Once you have the decision maker; it is all about knowing the perfect time to make your pitch.

Time your Pitch

It is a painstaking process between submitting your sponsorship proposal and getting the money for your event. According to Aimee Dunsmore, the Development Director of the Utah Arts Festival, over 45% of corporates make their sponsorship decisions in the last quarter of a fiscal year. Make your request at least six months before the event to avoid selling yourself and the event short.

In conclusion, corporates look for events that can expand their reach to increase their market capitalization. It starts with you creating an emotional connection by walking your talk. Sponsors will test you, so make the best of each opportunity to leave a lasting impression.

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