One of the largest issues that people experience is a lack of sleep. Whether it’s from working long hours and not getting enough rest or simply not sleeping as soundly as they should, it surely is a problem. Getting too little sleep can surely affect your mood, productivity, and motivation to do anything throughout the.. read more →

As a guest at an event it is your responsibility to make sure that you dress appropriately to make the most out of your attendance. There are a variety of things to take into consideration when you’re choosing an outfit for any event ranging from a wedding to a networking business conference. What is “Dress.. read more →

The world is filled with billions of people that come from various backgrounds. Whether you’re working in the events industry or if you’re running a huge international corporation you should know how to work with a multicultural team. There can be a variety of benefits to having several different people with different backgrounds working with.. read more →

With all international business, there is room for misunderstanding. As every nation has its own unique culture and way of doing business, projects and events can fall apart through miscommunication and misunderstanding. Success then comes from understanding the cultural dynamic behind your own country and the country you are working with. Why Is It Important.. read more →

Team building activities are an important part of developing a strong workforce in your company. There are many different activities to choose from and some are more effective than others. However, when you are finding activities for your own team building experiences, be sure to check out the following options. Culinary Arrange a cooking class.. read more →

As a meeting or an event planner, you are only going to be in one place at a time. However, there are always several tasks that are going to need to be done at one time. For this reason, you recruit some volunteers, which is extremely cost efficient. This allows you to delegate tasks to.. read more →