14 Sep
September 14,

The Difference Between RFID and iBeacons

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RFID and iBeacons are essential components for working with events and conferences. They give attendees the opportunity to find more information about certain products by simply scanning an item with their smart phone and having the information downloaded to the device. Even though the two technologies provide the same results, they are quite different and.. read more →

Events cost money. It takes a lot of planning, innumerable man-hours and a ton of resources. If such an event fails to engage its audience, then the whole endeavor is completely futile. Gone are the days when organizers would present an event and the attendees would be mute spectators. If you are expecting or even.. read more →

If it is a concert of a very popular brand or it brings together the legends of yesteryears then there is hardly any need for personalization. The attendees will groove to whatever is sung. They already know the songs, they love the singers, musicians or the performers and it is all fun. When we talk.. read more →

13 Jul
July 13,

The Quaint Love & Hate Relationship With Technology At Events (IMEX Wave)

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Today, events are incomplete without technology. From special software used in the presentations to customized hardware for a unique setting, from helpful mobile apps used specifically for an event to the numerous other gadgets and gizmos that find myriad utilities at an event. Even if an event is for a nontechnical industry and a nontechnical.. read more →

19 Jun
June 19,

How To Create A Great Event Website

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While your event may be only a week, a day, or even just a few hours, your event website will be around for months, working to improve awareness of your event while drawing up support and excitement. Lets take a moment to look at how you can create a great event website as well as.. read more →

Technology has reshaped how individuals communicate, respond to ads, and even attend events. As industries across the board struggle to keep up, the event industry in particular is finding new ways to address old problems through identifying why tech is important to events and the role it can play in years to come. Why Is.. read more →

20 May
May 20,

How To Monetize Your Event App

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Making a great mobile event app is easy. In this day and age, you can find dozens and dozens (and dozens) of examples of great mobile apps. The problem with mobile apps concerns monetizing them. In this area, it is clear that brands are not doing everything possible to optimize the financial potential of their.. read more →

23 Mar
March 23,

Bored To Death With PowerPoint? Switch To Better Alternatives!

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There was a time when PowerPoint was the most important and powerful presentation tool. Anyone who didn’t know or use PowerPoint was regarded as archaic. Today, that same tool can bore anyone to death. Presenting a ppt is no longer a cool thing to do. Most people don’t like to sit idly and stare at.. read more →

Event apps, social media, and other elements of technology are not likely to disappear from the events industry anytime soon. And it goes without saying that the bigger the event, the more elaborate the technology is going to be. It’s true that you want everyone at your event to get what they need. It’s also.. read more →

02 Feb
February 2,

How To Make Your Event Sustainable

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How To Make Your Event Sustainable In addition to everything else that has to be considered with your upcoming event, the need to make the event as sustainable as humanly possible is going to be high on your list of priorities. To some, this presents a series of problems that seemingly distract from what they.. read more →