Lina is a co-founder of Smartup Visuals – visual storytelling agency based in London. Background in design and illustration empowered her to successfully incorporate her skills into the innovative business. Smartup Visuals helps companies and event organisers to reach, engage  and communicate with their audience through information powered pictures. Live Scribing is a core service.. read more →

06 Aug
August 6,

〔Episode 158〕What is E.P.T.A? -Susie Perelman

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Susie Perelman is the owner of Mosaic, Inc, a national linen and décor rental company based out of Pittsburgh, PA. In 2010, Susie co-founded Event Pros Take Action, a not for profit that lets event professionals give back to those in need. Endeavors focus on relief efforts for communities that have experience natural disaster and.. read more →

Joseph currently holds patents covering neuroscience, marketing, personal identification and communications. These fields and patents are summed up in a base, disruptive technology that allows machines to understand and respond to human thought through any human machine interface. Joseph is the Chief Neuroscience Officer at insightXM and CRO and Founder, NextStage Evolution. Joseph has shared his.. read more →

30 Jun
June 30,

〔Episode 147〕How to bring together event organisers and sponsors -Peter Pöhle

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Peter is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of, the marketplace that brings together event-organizers and sponsors. Also the founder and director of media65 europe, a video-production company in Luxembourg, specialized in corporate videos, institutional films an commercials. Peter has shared his knowledge on how to bring together event organisers and sponsors, the.. read more →

As President of Endless Entertainment, Will Curran and his team’s mission is to simplify the event planning process by creating the equation for an event’s perfect solution. They also relentlessly seek to be the name in customer service in the events industry. Will has shared his knowledge on how to choose an AV company, 3.. read more →

David Adler, a lifelong media executive, is the C.E.O. and founder of BizBash, the leading trade media for the event and meeting industry. He has also been an advisor to the State Department in areas of protocol and events. Previously, he was vice president of corporate communications for PRIMEDIA and Macmillan Publishing. Upon graduating from American.. read more →

05 May
May 5,

〔Episode 131〕How does “Pay It Forward’ work? -Courtney Hammons

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Courtney is the owner of ‘A magical Affair’. Known for her unpretentious personality and her attention to detail, Courtney specializes in a high level of personalized service ensuring that your wedding planning process is not only stress free, but fun. She had been taught by the best – having spent the previous 9 3/4 years.. read more →

Chris Powell specialises in helping accidental, occasional and professional event planners develop the skills and confidence to design, programme, promote and deliver their own exceptional events. Chris has shared his knowledge on what the core skill of an event manager are, why is event management such a stressful job and why you should surround yourself.. read more →

14 Apr
April 14,

〔Episode 125〕What is organisational behaviour? -Wanda Costen

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WANDA M. COSTEN, Executive Director of the School of Hotel & Restaurant Management at Northern Arizona University, earned her Ph. D. in sociology from Washington State University. Dr. Costen has taught courses in strategy, human resources, organizational behavior, introduction to hospitality, employment law, and diversity. Dr. Costen’s research interests include racial and gender inequality in.. read more →

Andrew Thorp is a professional speaker, writer and trainer and co-founder of Mojo Your Business. He focuses on helping business owners and sales people tell a better story about themselves and their business. Andrew has shared his knowledge on how to help people tell their stories through storytelling, what is a library and why buildings.. read more →