06 May 2014
May 6, 2014

〔Episode 32〕How to get what you want from your vendors -Erica Rains

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Erica Rains is a business owner in the hospitality industry in Nashville, TN and her company, The Chef and I, includes a restaurant, team building sector, and large catering division that averages about 250 events per year. Erica shared her knowledge about how to get what you want from your vendors, what are the most.. read more →

29 Apr 2014
April 29, 2014

〔Episode 30〕 How to choose the right lights for your event-Blake Chaffin

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Blake Chaffin is the owner of Nashville Event Lighting, LLC, a Nashville, TN based event lighting company that provides custom event lighting for over 500 events a year. Blake shared his knowledge on what types of lights to use at events, giving practical examples.   To get in touch with Blake, go to http://www.nashvilleeventlighting.com/ read more →

22 Apr 2014
April 22, 2014

〔Episode 28〕How to be an effective Emcee -Daniel Osinski

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Dan Osinski (aka-DanO) is a professional DJ/Emcee as well as the CEO of a successful Colorado Springs based company, Laser Sound LLC. With over 22 years experience, he has expanded his company from a primarily DJ only company to an A/V, emcee and lighting design company. Daniel has shared his knowledge on how to be.. read more →

02 Apr 2014
April 2, 2014

〔Episode 22〕Why you should use the three colors methodology -Angela Proffitt

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As a leading respected professional in the market, Angela Proffitt has been planning and producing weddings and events for many years, nationally and internationally. She specializes in travel and destination weddings allowing her to utilize her strengths in designing a “one of a kind” experience in lands far away. Her travel resume has carried her to breathtaking.. read more →

13 Mar 2014
March 13, 2014

〔Episode 17〕How to stay organised when planning an event -Stacy Stern

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Stacy has planned every kind of event from intimate cocktail parties to outdoor Festivals to conferences, trade Shows and much more locally, nationally and international locations as well.  Many of these events have received both national and international recognition. Stacy holds the esteemed certification, “Certified Special Event Professional” (C.S.E.P.) from The George Washington University. Stacy.. read more →

06 Mar 2014
March 6, 2014

〔Episode 15〕Benefits of having a laser show entertainment -Tim Bennett

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Tim Bennett is Managing Director of Argon Animation Inc the only registered company in the Philippines dedicated exclusively to professional laser show events. Argon has allowed Tim to explore lots of different areas of entertainment from producing 2 independent movies to entrepreneurial training as well as building a small resort on Busuanga Island and starting.. read more →

25 Feb 2014
February 25, 2014

〔Episode 12〕What do you need to know about conference sponsorships? -Donna Kastner

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Donna serves as Director, Expo/Sponsor Sales & Activation at Velvet Chainsaw Consulting, helping conference and trade show organizers improve revenue performance, often through targeted attendance acquisition strategies, innovative sponsorships, and tech-enabled solutions. Donna shared her knowledge on Conference Sponsorships and how to grow them.     To get in touch with Donna, go to: http://jeffhurtblog.com/velvet-chainsaw/ read more →