YouTube is the largest video hosting and broadcasting platform in the world. Facebook is the largest social network of the world. Periscope is a live video streaming app from Twitter which can be used on Android and iOS devices. Amid an increasing demand for live streaming of videos, you may wonder which platform is the most befitting given your needs. All three are popular and are used by millions of people. Here is a comprehensive assessment of YouTube Live, Periscope and Facebook Live.

  • Periscope is an app. It has been designed for the mobile medium. Twitter is a mobile first social media and hence its app is also heavily optimized for mobile platforms. YouTube Live is not a mobile friendly interface. It remains to be a popular medium for desktops. However, YouTube Live is going to be available on iOS and Android devices. Facebook Live was confined to celebrities initially but now anyone can use it. Facebook Live is available on desktops, iOS and Android devices. In terms of sheer availability, Periscope and Facebook Live are easier to use.
  • Facebook Live has the most potential when it comes to footprint. It is the largest social network in the world and most users have hundreds of contacts. Any video live streamed using Facebook has the potential to reach hundreds of viewers in real time, if not thousands. Periscope is nowhere in the race compared to Facebook. The user count is a fraction. YouTube Live is not even a miniscule part of YouTube. Most videos viewed on YouTube are in the main domain and not through YouTube Live. In other words, YouTube is where you would watch videos but Facebook Live is where you would catch up with someone in real time.
  • In terms of convenience or user interface, Facebook Live is the easiest and simplest. Periscope is also simple but people are still getting accustomed so that’s an issue. YouTube Live is not as easy as Facebook Live. It is not as interactive either. Facebook Live and Periscope have similar ways of engaging and initiating interactions with the audience.
  • YouTube Live and Facebook Live have video archiving. Once the live stream is over, the video remains for users to access again, including the following or subscribers of the producer and streamer of the video. Periscope doesn’t have this feature. The videos are unavailable after the first twenty four hours.
  • Facebook Live doesn’t allow the user of external cameras. The camera must be used from within the interface, site or app. Periscope allows use of GoPro cameras. YouTube Live allows all cameras to upload videos but they must have encoders for the setup.

What do you use? What’s your preference? Why?



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