Debra Roth is telling the truth when she says she learned about stretch-fabric from the inside-out. Beginning in the heyday of the 80’s performance art movement, Debra created art in motion by the live animation of abstract, sculptural forms and costumes made of stretch-fabric that she, literally, performed within. And to enhance the theatrical experience, she designed and sewed brightly-colored, highly imaginative stretch-fabric stage set elements – complete environments, all of which became the basis of her business, Pink Inc. BI (before the internet). Seeing a viable outlet for her work, Debra entered the special event marketplace where her innovative tension-fabric structures and unique costumes have become the most sought-after and long-standing decorative design products the industry has known. Debra has worked with some of the most recognizable brands in the world; Victoria’s Secret, Proctor and Gamble, Macy’s and MTV, to name a few, and has popularized such signature products as the “Tree of Life,” the “Hourglass Diva” costume and the “Circle Surround,” among many others. As an innovator in the industry she has continued to combine unique ideas and materials while bringing new products to the events arena. Her visuals and designs continue to win awards and accolades in all markets, capped by her recent presidency of the ILEA, NY Metro Chapter. With the arrival of The Originators, Debra is poised to revolutionize fabric structures yet again. The Originators infuse creativity, ingenuity, with a can-do spirit into all of our Design + Fabric Structures! Our creative niche is 3-D space design, fabric décor installations and live special effects for events, exhibits, environments and experiences.  Debra stars as The Originators’ co-founder, creative director, head of design and co-director of marketing. Debra has shared her knowledge on how to make your attendees feel connected to your event, visuals, brand ambassadors, creating something engaging, word of mouth and first impressions.

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