The top performing brands in any location are those that can create a lasting impression on the client. Take a brand like Google for example; it is responsible for providing answers and solutions to over 3 billion searches per day. Over 80% of individuals will not have a second thought when choosing a search engine.. read more →

Developing universal content is a daunting challenge. Most niches cannot have universal content because the audiences will always have different learning styles. The same automaker comes up with two different advertisements for, say North America and South Asia, because of the vast difference in cultures and sensibilities. Learning styles will vary, so would the emotional.. read more →

Selfies continue to be cool but they have lost a substantial chunk of the coolness quotient. These days most phenomena get classified as cool or hot and incidentally both tend to imply the same emotional response. The phenomenon of taking a selfie had barely taken some form with the front facing camera in some cell.. read more →

Debra Roth is telling the truth when she says she learned about stretch-fabric from the inside-out. Beginning in the heyday of the 80’s performance art movement, Debra created art in motion by the live animation of abstract, sculptural forms and costumes made of stretch-fabric that she, literally, performed within. And to enhance the theatrical experience, she designed and sewed.. read more →

Helena’s spent most of her career in sales. She embraces each opportunity with a fresh approach and has found great success with her unique style of being client centric.   She is very clear on delivering custom solutions based on client needs and thinks of herself more as a consultant than a sales associate because she.. read more →

Are you planning social media for your event? Then it should go without saying that you need to create a hashtag to go with that social media. A branded hashtag is vital. It shows the world what you are up to. At the same time, it gives them a hashtag that will accomplish two things.. read more →

The online community is growing and it is estimated that the global internet using population will more than double in the next few years as underdeveloped nations connect more people via wired and wireless internet. Not focusing on the online community is a mistake millions of companies around the world had made for a few.. read more →

Online communities are significant assets and companies must use them for various purposes, including promotions. Online outreach, including footprint on social networks and social media, have proven to be very useful and rather consequential. Companies that have phenomenal following online can launch flash sales and run out of stock in a matter of hours. Numerous.. read more →

One of the biggest challenges with starting a new business is establishing a unique identity. Some people call this establishing a business personality and other people call this “branding.” Regardless of the name, all of these are equally important in order to foster a better business environment. This is especially important with new businesses as.. read more →

Steve Hughes, currently works as a Senior Brand Manager in the Experiential Team at Pernod Ricard UK, delivering event activations for brands such as Campo Viejo, Absolut Vodka and Chivas Regal. With over 8 years experiences in this field of work, Steve started his career working at MTV Networks in the Brand Experience team working.. read more →