Video is a powerful medium of communication. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is certainly worth a thousand pictures and could be exponentially more depending on the duration. Using video in advertising has been perfected as commercials. Today, you can use various types of video content to promote your events.

• For a starter, you can use videos of older events to promote your firm. You can use footage or a collage of footage to impress new clients. You can video screenshots or sneak peeks while inviting people to the forthcoming event. Video is precious asset and event management companies as well as hosts of events must use such a resource.

• Videos are an integral part of the presentations at an event. There can be welcome videos at the entrance. There can be video guides helping to find the stalls they want to access or to get any information about the event they want. Events with kiosks can have videos streamed live so people at different parts of the venue can access the presentations or proceedings on the stage or featured stall. Videos are not confined to the various formalities leading up to the event but also during the course of the event.

• Videos should be produced professionally. Amateurish videos look unimpressive and people are not receptive. All videos produced by an event management company must be of impeccable quality, even if it involves random guests or the audience. However, there is a need for user generated content. In other words, you need videos shot by your guests or audience. Such kind of videos garners huge traction on social media. Just as selfies or consumer reviews, videos shot by the people who do it to share their experiences will be a treasure for any event planner or company hosting an event. Such videos can be used for promotional purposes. They can be used as endorsements or testimonials.

• There should be a video archive for all events. People in attendance must be able to check out the videos online. Download facility may be provided if there is no classified information or if the event was public. Video archives can also be made accessible to people who were not invited or not the target audience. Businesses and general public can access such video archives and be impressed with the event planners for the kind of project they can pull off.

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