The only way to create emotional connections between products and people is by evoking an emotional reaction. If the reaction is outright logical, very expected or bland, then there can never be any emotional connection. The products that most people feel strongly about are those that have some relevance in their life, most notably as memories. Nostalgia is the most significant trigger of emotional connections for most products. But the real question is how one can use nostalgia for a new product, something that people have never used before or cannot really recollect a memory of.

Let us delve into the details of how emotional reactions work. That will help event planners and businesses to place their products so people have an emotional connect.

  • Solving a problem is one of the simpler ways to create emotional connections. Any product in the world must solve a problem. Else, it can be a luxury item or an optional purchase. It will rarely become a bestseller. People are most emotional about their joys and pains. Problems are always a source of pain. Presenting a product as a solution to an existing problem is also a basic marketing strategy. It is at the heart of advertising and sales. However, one must harp on the problem and make people feel or remember their experiences with the problem to help them connect with the product emotionally. People will not be able to foresee how the product will actually work for them but they should be made to imagine how their life can change. By highlighting the problems and making the people feel the pain arising out of those problems, a company can easily make way for an emotional connection between products and people.
  • Another effective way to create emotional connections between products and people is to offer an awesome experience. Whether it is at the event or through the testing of the product, if the audience is amazed, if they are excited and satiated, if they have an unprecedented experience or a truly unique encounter, that feeling will lead to an indelible impression. It is this feeling that will create the emotional connect. Unless a product or service really touches us, engaged us and satiates us, we are not going to pay much heed. We buy many necessary goods but don’t really feel any emotional connect because they just serve their purpose. Only when we are really impressed do we feel emotionally dependent on a product or service. Emotional dependence is also an emotional connection.


What’s your advice? How do you create emotional connections between products and people?

Do you agree that “Emotional dependence is also an emotional connection”?

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