If you are not an avid list maker, it is time you start. Making lists has extreme benefits that successful event professionals all over the world understand.

Benefits of List Making:

Our brain is a powerful memory tool, but we cram so much into it. Sometimes it needs a little help. A To Do list can basically be the key that starts the brain’s ignition to drive forward into success. First, list making helps prioritize tasks. Of course you know that some items on the list are more pressing than others. When making a list, put the most important at the top to ensure you get it done first. Next, making lists ensures that you don’t forget something. Although it isn’t a fool proof method, it definitely beats not writing it down. Have you ever tried to go grocery shopping without a list? Inevitably you’ll come back with everything but what you went in for to begin with. Oops! List making also benefits your anxiety levels. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to think about the number of items you have to complete. As you complete tasks, mark them off the list. When you can visualize your progress, you can stay motivated to keep going full throttle.

How List Making Impacts Event Planning:

Planning an event is arguably a lot more overwhelming than grocery shopping. There are so many things to keep up with, people to invite, vendors to coordinate, payments to juggle, etc. You will certainly need to use a prioritized list in order to keep up with everything to ensure that the event runs smoothly. Think of planning a wedding. The wedding planner or the bride follows a timeline or some sort of list that step-by-step puts the tasks in order of importance. The Knot and other wedding professional agencies offer some of these resources for brides to follow to have a more stress-free planning process, but weddings are the only events that need careful thought! What other events are you planning that a list would totally simplify?

Top Event Planners and Lists:

Do all event planners use lists? There would be no way to promise that. But, here are some top event planners that create fabulous works. Maybe a To Do List isn’t the exact niche every successful event planner has found, but every successful event planner has utilized a unique way to grow and stay organized.

Check out these inspirational women event planners/innovators!


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