Is there a better way to make things better?

Every company or event planner who intends to enhance the experience of the attendees will wonder if the typical or the imperative elements can be bettered. There are many ways to improve the event but most people consider more expensive ways. What’s more expensive may certainly improve the experience and make it more enriching, enticing and perhaps more satiating but the better ways don’t have to be costlier. There are better ways to make an event better.

  • Let us begin with the simple challenge of inviting everyone to the event. Some companies print invitation cards, some opt for brochures, some send e-invites and some make calls and go the distance to personalize the invitation itself. You can take the contemporary routes or you can resort to social media. You may add a webpage to your website or blog and request the invitees to respond online or you can combine multiple mediums. Putting up a page on social media is absolutely normal and it also influences those who are on the fence, unsure of whether to attend or not, when they find that people they want to meet are attending the event. Using social media to gain traction for an event is an effortless, costless and painless exercise. It does require time, effort and follow-up but it does not require money or any extraordinary resource.
  • Let us talk about food. Most events will serve some kind of snacks or perhaps a whole meal. From cookies to soft drinks, three-course spreads to munchies, the exact menu will vary but there will be some assortment on offer. There is a new trend catching up in major event circuits. That is eating out of a bowl. Instead of serving plates, putting up a large space to host the spread and to have enough space and time for people to eat, having a bowl to serve multiple dishes at once can save money, space, time and it can also facilitate interactions as people can easily move around, enjoy their meals and mingle with others in attendance. Eating out of a bowl is economic, it saves food and it is a healthier alternative.

From using apps to improving the live interactions during the event, there are many ways to make things better. The relatively inexpensive ways to enhance the experience of the attendees will always help the event to have a profound impact.

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