One of the fundamental pillars of a successful event is in getting sponsors for an event. Many event organizers, find getting a sponsor an arduous task, but it does not have to be. You may have used age-old processes of cold calling/emailing potential prospects, but such methods lack creativity. Sponsors are looking to get their.. read more →

15 Nov 2016
November 15, 2016

〔Episode 287〕What is engagement? -Doreen Ashton Wagner

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A catalyst makes things happen. As lead consultant and Organizational Catalyst at Greenfield Services Inc., Doreen Ashton Wagner does just that. She is passionate about facilitating problem-solving and idea generation. Fond of focus groups and 1-on-1 interviews, she uncovers ways for associations to better engage stakeholders. Marketing flows through her veins, so she loves to.. read more →

07 Jun 2016
June 7, 2016

〔Episode 241〕Is sponsorship all about money? -Anissa Ladd

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Anissa Ladd, CASE began her hospitality career right after graduating. Unsure whether or not she would enjoy Sales and Marketing or Operations more, she tried a little bit of everything.  She worked in hotels on “both sides of the fence”.  Her hotel company gained the contract to operate the CT Convention Center and she was.. read more →

How Do You Convince Companies To Sponsor Your Special Event? Professionals at corporations sponsor for a number of reasons. • Marketing: They might sponsor an event because it looks good for publicity, or because it’s a marketing stunt. • Revenue: Some companies sponsor because it’s good for business. • Employee Involvement: They could sponsor it.. read more →