We all like numbers. In business, everything boils down to hard and cold facts, which are almost always statistics or the math at the end of the day. But if you take a look at the numbers as a standalone factor, very little will become obvious. Hard cold numbers don’t convey much other than stating the obvious or making reality simpler to comprehend. Beyond all the information or realities, the numbers and the equations, it is the experience that counts.

Every number tells a story. While the numbers may be simple or complex, the story is always elaborate and there is more than one message. It is necessary for experiences to become the torchbearers of statistics, numbers or information. Only then would the information be relevant and worth remembering. That is one reason why most event planners incorporate emotional experiences while imparting the information.

Unfortunately, you cannot have a random approach of incorporating emotional experiences into your event. You should plan it well, come up with the right kind of emotions, weave the right story and hammer the point in the end that will pave the way for further discussions in the exact relevant category.

Here is the secret of incorporating emotional experiences into your event:

  • Never start with an emotional experience. Always begin with a story. It should never be obvious that you are trying to head for a particular moral or inference. If that happens, then you would lose the interest of the audience right at the outset.
  • Do not come up with a bland story or an experience that is far too common. The story needs to be unique, the emotion needs to be distinct and the storytelling should be quaint but relatable. Business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs or networkers come across all kinds of stories all the time. They themselves have a ton of emotional experiences to talk about. Try to hit those nerves but with a story that they haven’t heard of.
  • The emotional experience at an event needs to be relevant to matter and only then it would be memorable. Do not come up with vague ideas or nondescript stories. Come up with a very niche story that will be completely relatable and rooted in the world of the people you are addressing. Share an insider story if you want and that would work better than any story from the outside world.
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