Pressure, rivalries between colleagues, gossiping, lying, missing deadlines, accusations, humiliation… Do you have the feeling that you are about to explode? Does all of this sound familiar to you? Working in the event planning industry can be very stressful but there are ways that can help you cope with stress at work.

Smile everyday

You should never go to work grumpy. Your morning mood determines what the rest of the day will be like. It is a fact that positive attitude relieves stress. Get up early, take a shower, listen to your favourite music, drink your first cup of coffee. This small ritual will help you start your day better.

Make a plan

As soon as you come to work, put all your tasks on a piece of paper and make sure not to put too many things on it. Also, make sure not to do more than one task at the same time, so you won’t get into an unnecessary trouble, which is one of the most common causes of stress.

Do not leave unfinished tasks for tomorrow

Do not leave unfinished business for tomorrow, because the next day you will have one more task on your list. Therefore, try to complete all of them on time.

Take a break

You just cannot work for eight hours without a break because at some point you will lose concentration and you’ll be less productive. You should know when it’s time for a short break which will contribute to reducing your stress levels. Make sure you talk with colleagues about the movie you saw or the book you read…

Exercise regularly

You need to be physically active in order to help your body fight the stress. If you do not have time for exercise, then ride a bike to get to your work place or use the stairs instead of the elevator. In addition, regular exercising does not only relax you, but it also postpones aging, regulates body weight and prevents the development of many diseases.

Be flexible

In order to live a stress – free life, you must start accepting the fact that not everything in your life will be the way you planned. Even an unexpected trip related to your work can bring you a new life experience. Step out of the comfort zone.

Avoid conflicts

Do you always have to be right? No, of course not. Instead of always trying to make a point, try to cooperate, because it is much better than the constant preaching. Be flexible and try to establish good work relationships with your co – workers which will reduce the tension.

Set limits

Focus on the work that you can complete. If there’s a problem you cannot solve, ask for help. When you realize that you have colleagues that you can rely on, you will be much relaxed.

Take care of yourself

Lack of sleep will make you more sensitive and tense, and it will be harder for you to deal with stressful situations. If you include more vegetables and fruits in your daily diet, you will be able to speed up the metabolism, which normally slows down when you’re stressed. Healthy food helps the body handle stress and tension.

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