Gamification is being used in myriad ways. The armed forces of the United States have started using gamification in its training, simulation and recreation programs. Businesses of all sizes and in myriad industries are using gamification to increase brand awareness, to enhance customer engagement and to even retain more clients. The utility of gamification is multifaceted and if you are into networking then it is incumbent upon you to endorse it as well.

If you are wondering why you should use gamification or if it will be of any benefit at all, then here are some of the impacts that businesses and individuals have realized in networking.

  • Networking begins with establishing the initial connection that will pave the way for greater things. Many networkers struggle to establish that contact in the first place. Even if you have the leads and the necessary contact details, you wouldn’t be able to create the connection. You can contact and you may be turned down. You may not even get the appointment that you so desperately seek. Gamification will do away with the possibilities of getting turned down. It is an indirect way of creating that first contact. It is similar to inbound marketing that businesses practice. Gamification in any or every aspect of networking will always woo new or potential contacts.
  • Gamification doesn’t just initiate that first contact but it also helps with the interaction. Everyone needs to talk about business but everyone needs to have some fun as well. People often go through the bland rigors without actually exploring the pleasures of the process. The same applies to networking. Every networking individual is on the lookout for better contacts and that becomes elusive because they keep doing the same thing over and over again. Gamification will provide the much needed zing to the networking campaigns. People would get interested, they would want to talk and find out more about the networker who uses gamification.
  • As is obvious, great interactions are the precursor to follow up. Networking is not a onetime game and it doesn’t fructify overnight. You never know when and which contact would be useful. Gamification will pave the way for a quick follow up. That is always going to give you the necessary boost.
  • Finally, gamification with its impact on the first contact, interaction and follow up will increase the likelihood of causing a chain reaction. Nothing is better in networking than a viral campaign.

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