We’ve all been there – on a retreat, or in a meeting, or on your first day of work and suddenly you’re being asked to play team building games. You may roll your eyes and scoff, wondering if there are any benefits to these exercises. Or maybe you’re secretly excited because you like playing games.. read more →

When it comes to gamification, you’re talking about a concept that has really taken fire in recent years. It has become the darling of events of all shapes and sizes. Is it worth exploring from your end? Absolutely. However, there are a number of elements to gamification that should be considered. You want to create.. read more →

If you work in the marketing industry you have undoubtedly heard of gamification before, and if not, you would be surprised to know that you’re probably participated in it at one point or another. As a consumer, if you’ve ever collected points for eating at certain restaurants, making purchases at certain stores, or used a.. read more →

When you’re planning an event there are certain elements that you want your audience to walk away with, whether you have a particular statement that you want to get across or an improved level of brand awareness. One of the best ways to drive your attendees to connect with your content is to offer games,.. read more →

Meeting design is an invaluable concept to keep in mind, as you work to develop your meeting. You want to create something that is comfortable, engaging, and focused on the matter at hand. At the same time, there is also value to be found in playing. Through playing, you are adding an essential component of.. read more →

Gamification is being used in myriad ways. The armed forces of the United States have started using gamification in its training, simulation and recreation programs. Businesses of all sizes and in myriad industries are using gamification to increase brand awareness, to enhance customer engagement and to even retain more clients. The utility of gamification is.. read more →

07 Dec
December 7,

How Can Gamification Reinforce Content?

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The concept of using/playing games in the workplace, which is also known as gamification, does not get as much credit from some as it deserves from everyone. In the first place, gamification does not involve simply taking any game, bringing it to the workplace, and expecting profound results. While a great many different types of.. read more →

10 Jul
July 10,

Entice Your Audience With Healthy Food, Relaxation And Games At Events

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Why should your audience care for your event? Unless you are unveiling some unprecedented technology, a product that would change the lives of the last person living in the farthest hamlet in the country or something that will galvanize public interest, your guests would not be very excited about your event. Most attendees at events.. read more →

22 Jun
June 22,

Playing: The Original Game Theory (IMEX Wave)

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More often then not, the concept of professionalism disregards aspects of spontaneity, excitement, joy, and exploration often associated with joy. As the idea of playing is considered childish, many companies, especially those in the event industry, try to stop employees and themselves from naturally engaging in their work in ways that are considered wrong. Lets.. read more →

27 Apr
April 27,

Making Fundraising Fun With Games

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Fundraising events can be quite uninteresting. Although many people and companies are interested in charitable causes and wouldn’t mind to partake in some philanthropy, they do not really like the conventional fundraising events. If you have attended corporate fundraising events then you would know that they are mostly galas, engaging every attendee in myriad ways… read more →

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