You have probably wondered how people who post videos on YouTube and other video blogging sites make money. Statistics show that there are over 5 billion videos watched on YouTube every day, and the most watched videos get a paycheck from YouTube. Forecasts indicate that by the year 2025, half of the population will not subscribe to pay TV; instead, they will watch online videos for their source of news and entertainment.

One of the ways to get a following for people watching your videos is by being creative in how you choose your topics, being yourself when making the video, as well as identifying your perfect viewer. In 2016, the highest earning vlogger on YouTube made $15 million. In this guide, we look at ways you can make money by vlogging.

Stay On the Pulse of Trending Topics

Topics of social interest can trend for hours or weeks. You must be able to discern the kind of subjects that have a high impact on your prospective viewers. Events such as the unveiling of a new smartphone, revolutionary product, et al. attract interest for weeks and they can be your gateway to having more viewers for your videos, which then translate to advertisers using your vlog to reach their product and service users.

Social media is a great way of staying on the pulse of trending topics, and you can create valuable video content for your YouTube channel and other vlogging sites.

Paid Advertising on Social Media

Social media is arguably the best way to stay in touch with your fans and viewers. It is not enough to just share your link on your social media pages and expect to attract viewers. For $5 or lower, you can boost the reach of your post and the more viewers you have on your channel. You are sure to get YouTube’s attention, and they will pair you with other vloggers in the event industry. You can benefit from organic traffic and earn money while at it.

Show Emotion

A vlog is like a diary and showing your emotions lets your audience to see and identify with the real you. Successful vloggers know how important it is to show emotions and it results in a much deeper connection with your audience. Being real will increase your online presence not only on the vlog but also on social media and event websites such as Provide catchy titles for your videos that will trigger emotion from your audience and expect your subscribers grow.

In conclusion, the biggest factor for making money on vlogging sites such as YouTube is in having a high number of people watching your videos. In no time, sponsors and advertisers will approach and pay you to mention them in your videos.

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