The event industry is one of the most competitive niche industries in the business world where established and experienced entrepreneurs take the lion’s share of the billions of dollars made each year. Statistics show that 70.8% of clients with upcoming events would rather use an event professional with experience, preferably those recommended to them by colleagues at work or family and friends.

However, young and technology driven event professionals who compensate their lack of experience and connection with what they know. They have innovative ideas that could make for a fantastic event, but the old guards are reluctant to allow them breathing space. This forces them to build their contacts through a long and painful process.

In this guide, we look at the way you can use what you know to get in touch with potential clients and industry leaders for referrals and recommendations.

Be Part of a Professional Body

It is not all doom and gloom for the new entrants in the events industry. There is a growing trend for clients to conduct a background check on potential event professionals. Being part of a professional organization is a form of accreditation and clients will listen to you as a professional. A license will also get you noticed by the relevant people in the industry as well as potential clients. Attend your local Chamber of Commerce meeting to prospect for clients.

Social Media Marketing

Communication is easier today thanks to an increased supply of social media platforms. They level the playing field where a strong online presence can shape consumer trends. Social media is at the forefront of giving small and medium businesses as much visibility as the big companies. With your followers, and connections on the different platforms, you can also claim to know someone, and they can help you by sharing your content on their profiles.

Endless Networking

Networking is more than just attending an event and collecting as many contacts as possible. Aim to make connections with fewer but quality contacts. There is a growing number of start-up companies, and they help each other to spread the word about their businesses. Look for affiliate event businesses that can help you acquire a footing in the events industry.

Keep In Touch With Former Previous Clients

Existing clients are assets to your business, and they can be a source of repeat business as well as refer you to their family members and acquaintances. Many professionals hardly get in touch with their clients, and this might cost them considerable time and revenue.

In conclusion, what you know will not help you much unless you have other people to put in a good work for you. You might have the best and innovative ideas about events, but without a person who can vouch for you. Ensure to network extensively and work to build a list of contacts that will be able to provide business later for your event business.

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