Marketing is misconstrued to be the turf of extroverts; however, introverts harbor similar skills such as critical thinking, analytical skills, excellent relationship building techniques et al. just like their extrovert counterparts. They require more energy to use them, and this makes it harder for them to get out into the world and market themselves and their event businesses.

People like Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, are introverts who have used the tips below to market themselves, and they became some of the biggest entrepreneurs in the world.

Focus On One-On-One Networking Opportunities

Introverts have one of the best skills in business, listening. This ability makes them better at creating relationships that are more meaningful. Seek smaller networking events where you can be comfortable with sharing your ideas with other event industry professionals. If you find yourself in large social gatherings, narrow down your interactions to a few people and have in-depth conversations about your niche in the events industry.

Incorporate Technology

The internet is the best piece of technology we have so far, and it has given rise to a new world we now call digital marketing. As an introvert, you do not have to deal with people directly when you are starting out. Invest in getting more out of your digital marketing by using online marketing tools such as PPCs, CTAs, SEO, SEM, SMM, et al. when done right, customers will come to you.

Set up a website, blog, newsletters podcasts, to get your voice heard about your business.

Become the Expert

Being the expert in your field will boost your confidence. Google can help you be the expert by doing research in your business niche will help you to know everything there is to it and you are better off when you master the techniques in the events industry.

Coupled with excellent branding, being the go-to expert in the field will bring customers to you. You can become an expert by also create and publish content in your field through a:

  • Book
  • eBook
  • Blog
  • Tweet and Post often and responsibly

Prepare What to Say

Unlike extroverts, introverts can boost their marketing strategies by preparing and planning on what to say well in advance. This allows you to reflect on the topics you wish to discuss in advance and the best form of delivery. As an introvert, prepare a structured list of the topics you will discuss, questions you will ask, and keep it on your phone or in your notebook. This is a proven method of marketing for introverts.

In conclusion, the power to market yourself is in your thoughts. The book by James Allen is a good read that will help you to apply your thoughts and ideas to boost your corporate branding with excellent marketing strategies using the power of your mind.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph May 20, at 4:53 pm Reply


    Focusing heavily on 1 to 1 marketing and connecting opps helped me become an extrovert even though I was a former introvert. I realized how I could scale, simply reaching out to and connecting with more folks as I was doing with 1 to 1 connections.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂



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