All major brands fight it out in the open. If Nike gets the next Wimbledon champion then Adidas might eye the next US Open champion. If Apple is eyeing the next big thing in augmented reality then Samsung is also trying to outdo its American competitor. The truth is that companies operating in the same space and targeting the same audience will have to fight. There is no space for the weak hearted or the docile. However, when it comes to lobbying for major policies or when it is about fighting for the collective flock, they all come together. Whether it is investment norms or privacy policies, sharing of patented technology or regulations set by the various enforcement authorities at state, national and international level.

Just as companies come together for their collective or rather individual interest, event organizers or planners, vendors and professionals with myriad expertise must come together. Samsung doesn’t make its own desktop monitors or even the laptop displays. It uses that of AOC. Asus supplies a ton of components to all major brands. Intel and AMD have always worked with everyone in the space to make their products the most omnipotent and omnipresent in the niches. Likewise, there are some benefits of collaborating within the events industry.

The event industry is in dire need of technology enabled shows. Mundane presentations, traditional events and technologically stunted galas would not grab attention of the prospective audience. Apps, kiosks, state of the art software and other technological wonders will do the trick. There are companies within the events industry that are more tech savvy, there are those who have the networks in other facets, there are companies with the financial reserve but not with a diverse enough clientele and there are entrepreneurial networkers with a growing database of prospective clients from myriad industries. When these forces would come together, planning or hosting an event and even making money or realizing the objective will become much simpler and easier.

Companies within the events industry coming together can combine venue, catering, setup or décor and even marketing or the eventual hosting of the event.

From typical hardware to special equipments, getting influencers to ensuring attendance, cutting costs without hampering the quality to overcoming all hindrances that could impair the event and its success, collaborating will always augur well for all the companies involved in the partnership. It can be a onetime association or a perennial partnership.



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