The importance of business cards is waning. In some countries, business cards are still held in high regards, especially in Japan, China and India. In the UK and US or across North America and Europe, business cards have become less important. However, they have not become totally irrelevant. Business cards do have a function, especially.. read more →

08 Apr
April 8,

Best Icebreakers At Meetings

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Icebreakers aren’t an option. They are imperative at meetings, workshops, seminars or at any kind of event that involves a speech, a keynote address or several interactive sessions. Icebreakers help the audience to relax and they would be set in the mood to be more receptive to what would be discussed, talked about or imparted… read more →

06 Apr
April 6,

How To Be More Customer-Centric

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It is no secret that customer centric companies would fare much better than those who don’t manage to keep their customers satiated. Any business should focus on the needs and desires of the customers to stay relevant and to become a brand. To be more customer-centric, a company has to truly understand the requirements of.. read more →

30 Mar
March 30,

Simple & Fun Easter Party Ideas For Kids

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It isn’t very difficult to plan an Easter party for kids. A handful of activities are good enough to keep the kids busy. However, if the party has to be fun and if it has to be a memorable experience for the kids and their parents, then there should be something special. The traditional Easter.. read more →

Event planners have a tough job. Whoever says sales is the toughest job in the world surely hasn’t worked as an event planner. Salespeople have to sell and it is difficult but they are not the ones responsible for delivery. Event planners need to sell their propositions, win the contract and also deliver everything as.. read more →

20 Mar
March 20,

The Challenge Of Multi-Generation Audience At Events

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Gone are the days when an event for executives would have the baby boomer generation. Most companies in the world today have an extremely diverse workforce. That diversity doesn’t just pertain to ethnicities or socioeconomic profile but also the generation. An event of two hundred people is likely to have the baby boomer generation and.. read more →

06 Mar
March 6,

A Schedule and Ideas For Planning A Baby Shower Party

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You never know when it might occur. All of a sudden, you find yourself having to plan for a baby shower. If you have experience doing this already, then you no doubt have some excellent ideas regarding what works and what doesn’t. However, if this is your first time, then you may want some help.. read more →

04 Mar
March 4,

Take Your Event Booth Further

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If you’re prepping for your first event, or if you’re looking for a way to up the ante with how you present yourself at your next appearance, event booths are essential. And when we talk about event booths, we’re primarily talking about photo booths. Presumably, you at least have a basic understanding of a photo.. read more →

27 Feb
February 27,

How You Can Attract Attendees To Your Booth

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Whether it’s a local job fair or international trade show, success is all about projecting the right image. This is especially true for those setting up booths. For those setting up a booth, drawing in the maximum number of people is the key. The more techniques you have for drawing people in and creating dialog,.. read more →

Events industry experts find themselves on the road a great deal. Between airplane and car travel, you’re looking at a considerable part of how they spend their time. They are required to move across the crowded landscape of the events industry, report on their findings and interactions, and make their way to the next big.. read more →