You are obviously accustomed with the basic demands of organising a conference. A local conference and an international conference will have certain identical quintessential needs. From planning to organising and the execution of the plan can be attended to with the same approach and diligence. It is the additional requirements that must be looked into. Let us discuss those needs in the form of a checklist.


The venue has to be at a convenient location. It cannot be too far away from the airport or the commercial district. An international conference is not a retreat. It can be one if it is the event of a company and only its employees from various offices or branches are congregating. For an international conference inviting people from various companies, entrepreneurs and professionals associated with the industry, the venue has to be at a prominent location.


You may or may not take the responsibility of accommodating the attendees, depending on what the organizers ask you to do. But you must have the resources and all the arrangements in place to facilitate the accommodation of the guests. You should be ready with details of nearby hotels, possibly even deals that can help them to get a faster and surefire reservation, perhaps last minute deals and you must be willing to coordinate even though you are neither responsible for accommodation nor offering it as a part of the conference.

Multilingual Requisites

You should have multilingual staff. If you are only inviting guests from English speaking countries and there is no possibility that some guests may not speak the language then you can do without multilingual staff. If there are people who don’t speak English, then you would not only need multilingual staff but you also need content in multiple languages, from literature to subtitles on presentations.


Always play it safe with the food when you are catering to an international audience. You can have opt-in sections on RSVP forms that the attendees can use to let you know their preferences. That will be a much smarter way to go about deciding the menu.

International Panel/Presenters

Never have an exclusively domestic or local panel address an international gathering. You don’t need to fly in a speaker from a distant country. You can have a panelist who is a native of one of the countries where the guests are from. Diversity in the panel will make your event more engaging for the international audience.


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