Everyone needs to find a niche. It doesn’t have to be too arty and hence catering to a certain elite. It doesn’t have to be massy to become acceptable in popular culture. Niche doesn’t imply either of the two extremes. Niche is just a specialization, a particular category or type wherein your expertise lies. To develop a niche, many companies and individuals think of their target audience, imagine the bankrolling potential and try to develop a kind of ardent approach. That is not the right way to go for an event blogger.

• To find your niche as an event blogger, you need to ask yourself what type of events entices you the most. There are bloggers who are fans of the likes of comic cons. Then there are those who love tradeshows or events where the latest technologies are showcased. Some people are interested in business events, conferences or seminars. Some bloggers may be more interested in general public events, from concerts to theater. You could specialize in weddings or specific types of festivities. You may be interested in carnivals or political events. Whatever you are interested in should be your niche.

• Once you find the larger domain within the event industry to write about and you can choose more than one type of events, you should figure out the sub domains. It is absolutely normal to not know everything about a particular type of events. For instance, there are wedding bloggers who don’t really know much about photography. Then there are some who specialize in wedding photography or have enough knowledge about it but don’t know enough about bridal dresses. It is acceptable to not know everything about a given type of events. As long as you can explore your specialization and establish your authority by showcasing your expertise, you should do well.

• The primary objective of any event blogger should be to have value for the audience. If the targeted readers or the audience doesn’t get to know anything that they are not aware of, then the whole premise is a nonstarter. Value addition, relevance and specifics are the keywords here. An event blogger who can keep inspiring the audience, satiating their quests for information and can help them organize better events or make more informed decisions, then there is no stopping such a blog. Else, it would be one long ride up the hill and you might fall short of the acne.

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