The quote by John Denver that people everywhere are the same in heart and spirit perhaps is the best caption on why music connects people.

There is something about music. It stirs some emotions in us. It has a universal appeal. Hearts and minds are in harmony when there is a tune or a song being performed. If you doubt this, attend a recital, concert or an orchestra to see for yourself. People throng in mutual appreciation. There is pin drop silence, nodding of heads and collective controlled breathing every time the music strikes a common cord.


Nothing brings about unity in people like music. People of diverse culture will congregate for a musical performance. It does not matter if they are from the same race, culture or nationality. Music is considered as an art. We are all aware how arts have a way of swaying emotions in people.


Music promotes peace in the world. A perfect example is the Abu Dhabi Festival. The festival is organized to rally people together regardless of language, culture, and geographical boundaries or otherwise.

There are many social events where music plays a crucial role.

Live music

Across America, there are events where families attend. You might have attended the Annual Holiday Gala, Johnny –Fink and the Piano Men in Cincinnati to name but a few. These events are marked with sporting events and happy hours. People turn up in their hundreds to relax, mingle, watch the live music and have fun.


With the cultural events comes the need to build to create interaction with places. For instance, University of Liverpool organizes social events to strengthen the bond with the city’s institutions.

Engaging communities

Communities   have become engaged and empowered through music. Where a strong social awareness message is to be passed across, music is generally considered to be the best medium through which the message is delivered. Charitable organizations rally people behind for a common cause. Music helps to ring a common tune to a people faced by a problem such as floods, hunger, and disease and so on.


It does not matter what kind of sport it is. Music makes things lively as they cheer their favourite teams.

Drama, dance and story telling

All these are characterized by music in the forms of recitals, playing of drums and other musical instruments. The audience is treated to varying beats, rhythm and performances which have some positive impact to the people.

It is important to also note that music is present in comedy too. People laugh, cry and get emotional when some music is involved in comical situations.

What are the other ways in which music connects us? There are 4 propositions from a scientific point of view. These are:

  • Coordination and cooperation for strengthening our social bonds
  • A boost of oxytocin
  • Empathetic mind
  • Cultural cohesion

From the above, it is telling that music is a powerful tool that can be used for social awareness and bring people together.



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