Tragedies have united and separated people since time immemorial. Manmade or natural, tragedies are always devastating. The magnitude of devastation may vary. The modern world is plagued more with manmade tragedies than natural. More people die on the roads than in floods and more innocent people die in terrorist attacks than in wars. At a.. read more →

Growth always comes from facing challenges and learning to overcome them. A great way of doing that is getting help from great teammates and Ryan is here to be part of your team.  Ryan Pflumm, CPCE, CSEP will share with you from his 16 years of business, entertainment and AV production experience.  In 2011, Ryan and.. read more →

Got a busy day coming up? Maybe your To-Do List is out of control this week. Studies have shown that MUSIC is a great way to increase concentration, focus, and productivity. There are a few types of music that this works best with, but most importantly, it has to be music that YOU like! That’s.. read more →

The quote by John Denver that people everywhere are the same in heart and spirit perhaps is the best caption on why music connects people. There is something about music. It stirs some emotions in us. It has a universal appeal. Hearts and minds are in harmony when there is a tune or a song.. read more →

Bobby Dutton created GrooveBoston in 2004, and set out to pioneer a new concert model, built on the statement that “music is no longer a spectator sport.”  Bobby and his team have designed seven concert tours — most recently “Ethos,” with 30+ stops all over the US.  His team also takes on challenging projects outside.. read more →

Ottavio Cambieri is a native Italian living in the technologically vibrant Estonia since 2008. In 2011 he co-founded of The Mo’Joes, interactive entertainment agency specialized in engaging technologies for events. In there the co-developed Mash Machine, a social activity with music now sold in over 12 countries in Europe and US. Ottavio has shard his.. read more →

30 Jan 2014
January 30, 2014

Temporary Event Notice

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When you’re an event organizer, promoter, or conceiver, you sometimes choose a spot for the event that is unlicensed. In other words, your event may be a completely licensable activity, but you want to have it on unlicensed premises. When you apply for a special exemption license to hold the event there, you are usually.. read more →