There are many reasons why you should use video for business. Videos are more interesting. They will entice even the laziest in the audience to check something out. Videos are more shareable and hence can get your company more exposure than other mediums. Videos are also simpler for people to relate to. Technical jargon, quaint terms and details often lead to unanswered queries. Videos leave little room for imagination and are hence more resolute in what they convey.

Of all the reasons why you should use video for business, there are two obvious benefits. You should use videos for training and marketing. If nothing else, you would be able to simplify the training and marketing processes for your company.

  • Imagine the need to train people, so they get accustomed with your products, so you can have them troubleshoot any problem that may arise or to showcase how your product actually works and makes a difference in their lives. Videos are not only used to train the customers but also for in-house training of your employees. You may use the same videos or different ones. No medium is a better tutor than videos. You can have as much textual content you want, you can use all kinds of illustrations and take creative liberties but the format has to be a video. People are smart enough to pause a video, to watch it again or to skip to any specific part that they want to check again. A video will become the solid foundation you need to train your staff and your target audience.
  • Video is a great marketing tool. We all know the impact of commercials. Ever since television has invaded our homes and even public places, commercials have dictated what consumers feel. Commercials have the power to make a brand out of a random company. Videos can do the same but at a fraction of the cost. Today, one doesn’t need to spend a fortune on primetime advertising slots. One doesn’t even need a major channel and its dedicated audience to broadcast a video. From free video sharing websites to social networks, videos can be broadcast at any time by any one and for any audience.

Most challenges of training and marketing are simplified by video. By the very description and explanatory nature of video along with its virtue of being relatable, video can change the fortunes of a business.

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