Got a busy day coming up? Maybe your To-Do List is out of control this week. Studies have shown that MUSIC is a great way to increase concentration, focus, and productivity. There are a few types of music that this works best with, but most importantly, it has to be music that YOU like! That’s convenient, right? Let’s take a look deeper into how music can assist you in moving and grooving without missing a beat on your action packed day.

Can Music Help You Concentrate? How so?

Several experiments have been done by those intrigued at how music can help you concentrate. Findings suggest that when an individual listens to music that he/she likes, it causes the body to release the neurotransmitter, dopamine, which triggers a calming sensation that can decrease nerves and increase attention to the tasks at hand.

What’s the Catch?

So, you know there’s got to be a catch here. Listening to music that you don’t find pleasurable or music that you cannot drown out into background noise can actually be more distracting. If you find yourself listening more to the words of the music than paying attention to your assignment, you probably aren’t choosing the right tunes. Try music without lyrics. An awesome station on Pandora has popular instrumentals from Beyoncé, Kanye, FIfth Harmony, T-Swift, and the like. Check out the Pandora station called ‘Beats for Studying’.

What Type of Music is Best?

So, we’ve kind of touched not this. The music that works for you will possibly not be the music that works for your college roommate (oops!). Invest in a pair of headphones. Music that may help you concentrate includes:

  1. Music that you like.
  2. Music that calms you.
  3. Music that either does not have lyrics or does not have lyrics that will distract your mind.

Most studies around this topic has been done with classical music. If you have ever heard of the “Mozart Effect”, that is this concept. Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis coined the term in 1991. Studies have shown that listening to classical music, like Mozart, can decrease anxiety, benefit the brain, sleep patterns, and stress levels.

Finally, it has been mentioned that some people find it more of a distraction than a benefit. Usually it is safe to say that if you are in a silent room, you’ll be able to focus more than if music was playing. However, if you find yourself in a chaotically noisy environment, popping in some headphones and playing pleasurable music will benefit you. Don’t miss a beat. Whistle while you work.

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