Online communities are significant assets and companies must use them for various purposes, including promotions. Online outreach, including footprint on social networks and social media, have proven to be very useful and rather consequential. Companies that have phenomenal following online can launch flash sales and run out of stock in a matter of hours. Numerous companies have taken such avenues and have profited enormously. There is no reason why you should think twice or not think at all of capitalizing on your online influence.

Here are a few organic ways brands can use online communities for promotions. The reason why we stress on organic ways is because people know when an ad is sponsored. Not many would be very keen to be targeted with sponsored ads. Organic promotions are the best. These tips are more guides and not exactly diktats that brands must follow. Not every trick will work for every company.

  • Brands can use the selfie/groupfie spree and mobilize their online communities. When people get on selfie or groupfie sprees with a product in question, it kind of ignites a chain reaction. Everyone in the online community would get to know and most will feel the urge to get into the spree. Recollect the ice bucket challenge and numerous such viral phenomena that rocked the world and crashed the internet. These were not limited to any country or culture. When online communities embark on organic promotions for a company, there is no stopping it and it all happens without a brand having to spend a fortune.
  • Brands can work on a ‘share your story’ campaign. Online communities can be encouraged to share their story associated with a product or service. They can speak of how they have benefited by a product or service, how it has changed the way they do something or how it has influenced their life. Such organic stories coming from diverse people will always augur well for a brand. Again, such promotions are effective without costing a fortune.
  • From first purchase to the best memory associated with a brand, there are many ways brands can use their online communities for promotions. These promotions may be purely branding or focused on sales. The objectives may vary. The duration of the campaign and how a brand facilitates it may also vary. The essence of the promotions involving online communities remains the same. It is about garnering traction and using people to influence people.




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