One of the biggest challenges with starting a new business is establishing a unique identity. Some people call this establishing a business personality and other people call this “branding.” Regardless of the name, all of these are equally important in order to foster a better business environment. This is especially important with new businesses as establishing a relationship with new consumers is vital to staying afloat amidst an environment where there are hundreds if not thousands of other businesses catering to the same demographic. Here are some of the easiest ways to immediately create a unique brand identity while simultaneously reaching out to your customers.

Hire a Good Writer

It sounds simple and obvious, but don’t underestimate the impact a good writer can have on a new business. A good writer is one that can easily creative a voice for your brand. Rather than having multiple writers craft your press releases and your campaigns, have a singular writer to give it a singular voice. This is important because when new customers interact with your marketing campaigns and individual webpages, a consistent voice and tone helps identify the brand. If a brand is known for its snarky marketing materials, people will instantly identify your brand with snarkiness or humor. The same goes for a brand that is high in diction and tone. People often overlook what a good writer can do, and it’s a good way to cheaply establish a voice for your brand.

Hire Good Public Relations Professionals

One of the most critical mistakes companies often make is neglecting to hire good PR staff. People think of public relations as a solution that you choose when a problem arises. In other words, people think you only need public relations when a problem happens, rather than using PR to pre-emptively prevent a problem from happening in the first place. Good PR personnel will help write campaigns and press releases that give a certain personality and quality to your company. If you are a company that manufactures and sells sporting equipment, PR professionals can write releases and help schedule events that show your brand being engaged with the community.

Unlike simply hiring a good writer, good PR professionals are rather expensive and can often take a while before you start to see dividends. Regardless, it is an absolute must-have if you start a new business.

Consider both of these solutions and you’ll be able to give your new business a personality in no time at all.

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