Videos are a great medium to present any kind of content. Even the verbose articles, research papers and journals are better presented as documentaries or nonfictional videos. However, videos too can be bland. Given the fact that people are barely a few seconds into something and they would turn their attention away if what they.. read more →

A career in events was either a vocational aspiration or a rewarding opportunity for masters of business administration with a major in marketing or communications and public relations who would conceive, manage and host large scale events. Family run businesses and vendors with specializations were focused on small to midsize local events and large scale.. read more →

Let us first define what an educational experience is. Many event organizers, hosts or presenters think that offering a tidbit of information, surprising or shocking the guests with some fascinating numbers, sharing an apparently amazing experience or just narrating a story would be educational enough. Those are just informational or at best a revelation. They.. read more →

06 Apr 2016
April 6, 2016

Golden rules for Mentors & Interns

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How do you find interns? It takes a little legwork but it’s 100% worth it to connect with the Career Services advisors and professors at your local universities. We have found great candidates from the College of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing…for some reasons, students that majored in those areas were always the very best,.. read more →

04 Apr 2016
April 4, 2016

The Secret to Incorporating Educational Experiences into your Event

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An event has to be educational in some way to be of interest. If the audience knows everything that you are about to share, then there is really no point in them attending your event. If the audience cannot relate to what you are about to present, then either you are targeting the wrong crowd.. read more →

19 Feb 2016
February 19, 2016

Can fun help people learn?

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The education system we have right now has evolved over years of transformation. Certain transformations were obvious, with time, and many had been initiated by academics, educationists and even political and social reformers. The modern education system is quite evolved and it does employ state of the art methods but it is still seen as.. read more →

If you are planning a future as an event coordinator or someone who works for an event company it is important that you consider how the entry-level roles have changed over the years. In the past, people hosting events were simply responsible for choosing a venue, finalizing guest lists, and providing food and beverages. In.. read more →

Why do people go to events? To learn and to network. While at IMEX America I asked a few experts the question and this is what these amazing guests said:   Thank you to: Tracey B. Smith was a corporate meeting planner for a high tech company for more than 15 years, focusing most of.. read more →

27 Nov
November 27,

How can we improve education at events? (IMEX Wave) Pt 1/2

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Why do people go to events? To learn and to network. While at IMEX America I asked a few experts the question and this is what these amazing guests said:     Thank you to: Samme Allen, who is driving the corporate sales and marketing agenda across corporate, association and agency markets for the Scottish.. read more →

The best events are those where people learn something new or explore something that they had never known or done before. If an audience doesn’t take back something valuable then the event is just another fleeting affair, a few hours that people have spent at a place without being benefited in any major way. Events.. read more →

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