Developing universal content is a daunting challenge. Most niches cannot have universal content because the audiences will always have different learning styles. The same automaker comes up with two different advertisements for, say North America and South Asia, because of the vast difference in cultures and sensibilities. Learning styles will vary, so would the emotional connect and resonance. For any content to resonate with different learning styles of audiences, the presentation needs to be contextual, suitable and customized.

Understand your Audience

The secret to developing content for different audiences lies in understanding who you are addressing. An event would typically have some degree of diversity but most attendees would have more in common. For instance, you may be targeting a corporate team, your audience could be self employed professionals or freelancers, they could be entrepreneurs or executives of some major brands. The attendees would have a certain learning style. The only way you can figure this out is if you do enough research to know the nitty-gritty of your audience.

Every event requires enough research to develop content that resonates with the audience in attendance. The same content can be presented in a myriad of ways, using various tools and formats or mediums of presentation to suit a particular audience. That is what you ought to do.

Choosing the Medium and Format

One audience may be accustomed with slideshows and may be interested enough to stay glued with the customary texts, images and perhaps info-graphics. Another audience may have better learners when you present videos or a movie, audiovisual montage or some similar format. You could choose an interactive medium or an exploratory format. You can choose to go hard with the data or you may want to manifest the data into some kind of narrative so the essence becomes easier to understand even if the data is hard to crunch. These elements will play a pivotal role in determining if your content will resonate with your audience.

The medium and format are the two most significant aspects and they demand serious thought. Taking a routine approach will be safe but it would not have the desired impact. Taking an alternative medium or using a new format will be tasking and you would have to put in some additional effort, let aside the time. However, the latter will have the impact you need and want, which is the essentially what the event is all about.


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