The old kind of event marketing just doesn’t work anymore. Your event marketing strategy has to catch up to what’s possible. If you’re a great inbound marketer, or if you consider yourself one, then you’re into getting people to come to you (versus just interrupting them with your advertisement). Sadly, a lot of what passes.. read more →

Great communication skills are a must for event planners, because they have to work well with others. Good event planners have to work with so many kinds of people – from exhibitors, sponsors, contributors, speakers, participants, attendees, and guests – so they need to have a diverse background and be able to work as well.. read more →

Video content is a great way to promote an event before, during, and after an event. Video can be excellent for promoting upcoming events and spurring registration before the actual event. Video content is already an amazing tool for increasing email message marketing ROI. You can also use video to educate and engage people on.. read more →

There are typically 3 categories that a presentation will fall into, the great, the ok, and the bad. The bad ones are the presentations where the audience ends up playing a game on their phone or they are yawning throughout. The okay presentations are not sleep inducing, but they are almost boring. The great presentations.. read more →

Referrals are one of the absolute best selling tools. It is proven facts that a person would much rather do business with someone that they know as opposed to a stranger. When you are introduced to an individual by a personal recommendation, the individual is already more comfortable with you than a person that you.. read more →

The global marketplace had made the world a much smaller place. As many companies now do business throughout the world there are many events that take place with people from different cultures. Language barriers are quite common and often people do not realize that it is not necessarily the accent of the person speaking, but.. read more →