Stressful situations can occur at any given time, whether it’s at work or if you’re deciding what to eat for dinner with your family. When you’re under pressure, communication can be incredibly difficult and misunderstandings are far more common which only attributes to higher levels of tension. Learning how to communicate effectively under pressure is.. read more →

When you are getting ready to create your booth for a conference within your specific industry, you need to look for unique ways to stand out. When you are right at the center of hundreds of other booths and in front of attendees, you need to find a way to capture the attention of those.. read more →

Selfies are one of the most popular things that have emerged from social media in the past few years. If you haven’t heard, a selfie is essentially a picture of yourself by yourself. By using selfies as a marketing strategy, they are not only inexpensive but they can also help your company to relate to.. read more →

Event awareness can make or break your overall event attendance and success. After all, letting people know what you have in mind for your event is just half the battle for getting them in the door. One way to truly boost event awareness is to work closely with your keynote or featured speaker to get.. read more →

Without question, finding the marketing niche of your event is crucial. In doing so, you will be able to build your event on a solid foundation. This foundation will eventually lead to clear strategies for how to promote your event properly. And when you promote your event properly, you are going to have a successful.. read more →

Marketing doesn’t always need big bucks. Sure, if you wish to have your commercial aired during the primetime then you would have to shell out a fortune. And it is true that such commercials get amazing exposure for companies and help in branding but there are some low cost small business marketing ideas that you.. read more →

The concept of social media event marketing is quite simple. If you are planning an event, then you need to promote it so you generate enough interest and anticipation. What better way is there to promote something today than to do it on social media? Thus, when you use the social media platform to promote.. read more →

How do people make decisions when it comes to their purchases? This question lies at the heart of marketing. If you can understand how people think, then you can market your products in the best possible way. The vast majority of people will seek out information before making a purchase. Who are people turning to?.. read more →

One of the most popular items of recent times is the art of taking selfies. This trend has reached every corner of the globe and has finally begun to present some interesting benefits to businesses as well. While many businesses are using special software to determine who is purchasing their products and learning more about.. read more →

If you’re hosting and/or planning an event, it can be a stressful venture and with the help of humour, stress can be eliminated and it can help to promote a fun and exciting environment. This is a great way to break the ice with the attendees and to ensure that your employees will work diligently.. read more →