Introverts are those who are not comfortable being with people. They are shy and very private. They only want to stay home as much as possible. When they happen to be along with people, they hardly talk. They don’t socialize or interact. In other words, they are not the type of people who are outgoing.. read more →

Many properties try a ‘scatter gun’ approach to be seen, however throwing your marketing budget up against the wall and hoping it will stick is not going to develop business for you; sometimes you need to look closer to home. Remember that venue hunters may look at anything from 20 to 30 venues online, so.. read more →

There are many reasons why you should use video for business. Videos are more interesting. They will entice even the laziest in the audience to check something out. Videos are more shareable and hence can get your company more exposure than other mediums. Videos are also simpler for people to relate to. Technical jargon, quaint.. read more →

Every new product needs a well planned launch. Even if it is a follow-up product or the upgraded version of an existing product that has been a bestseller, it would still need a strong launch pad. The simple objective is to make some relevant noise, so people sit up and notice, so the press starts.. read more →

Exposure is always alluring. Right from the preteens to old age, attention and finding greater presence amongst others will always lure any and sundry! It is not surprising that innumerable companies use the get paid by exposure trick to invite experts, to get more panelists and also bring in guests who would otherwise be uninterested… read more →

Creating a knowledge base may seem like a scary prospect. How do you gather everything that your customers want to know about your products or services, and put it in a format that’s useable and efficient? But a thoughtful knowledge base creation process can be a worthwhile exercise—even if you fill in the blanks gradually.. read more →

In today’s business environment, it’s becoming harder and harder to innovate. While there are always going to be those that dramatically revolutionize the products available in the marketplace, the most important way to really make a profit is to take a time-tested product to sell, and simply market it to your customers in an unorthodox.. read more →

One of the biggest challenges with starting a new business is establishing a unique identity. Some people call this establishing a business personality and other people call this “branding.” Regardless of the name, all of these are equally important in order to foster a better business environment. This is especially important with new businesses as.. read more →

Miscommunication, ineffective communication and confusing or contradicting communication will ruin your event. Regardless of what type of event you are organising, the kind of audience you are catering to and the subject matter, context or purpose of the event, effective communication is one of the ingredients for success. While most proficient event planners and managers.. read more →

What sets the tone for an event isn’t the guests, the location, the décor, or the lighting – it’s the host. While splurging on decorative pieces and elaborate venues might seem like a smart way to get guests to really feel the festivity, it’s actually in the way the host commands the audience that engagement.. read more →