What sets the tone for an event isn’t the guests, the location, the décor, or the lighting – it’s the host. While splurging on decorative pieces and elaborate venues might seem like a smart way to get guests to really feel the festivity, it’s actually in the way the host commands the audience that engagement.. read more →

There is no single strategy that will make your event a roaring success. You must employ different mediums and have more than one trick up your sleeve to gain the necessary traction. Social media is undoubtedly one of the most important platforms at your disposal and you must fire the canon to help your events… read more →

Radio, print or newspaper and television have been primary mediums for B2C marketing. Events, tradeshows and various kinds of business seminars or conferences have been preferred mediums for B2B marketing. There has always been a sharp contrast between B2B and B2C marketing. Consumers required a different approach and companies obliged. Business executives, managers and owners.. read more →

We have taken most technological perks for granted. From slideshows to audiovisual or multimedia content, from convenient email service providers to social media, EVERYTHING HAS BECOME SO EMBEDDED IN OUR DAILY LIVES THAT THEY DON’T APPEAR TO BE VALUABLE. They are part of the mundane. In the process, we have started using those tools that changed.. read more →

Every event is designed to be an effective marketing campaign. Even if an event is primarily informational, the focus on promotion and branding has to be unwavering. For marketing activities or any strategy to be of optimum impact, the contents of the event must be compelling enough. Unless you can intrigue and then satiate an.. read more →

While most invitations these days are sent out digitally or the notifications are issued on public forums like online social and professional networks, the conventional route of sending out mails is still in practice. There are many investors, chief executives and even professionals who would still want to receive direct mails and not emails or.. read more →

A standard business meeting can last anywhere from half an hour to half a day. Annual general meetings often span more than two days. Depending on the nature and scope of the meeting, there could be half a dozen people or scores of attendees. There are business meetings, corporate meetings, seminars, large events like tradeshows.. read more →

Every business owner or professional has a list of events for a calendar year that they will attend. They begin to prep for these events months in advance and they wouldn’t miss them for anything other than some unavoidable compulsions at work or in their personal lives. For all other events, attendance would be uncertain… read more →

Gone are the days when a brand could simply convey its message without considering the opinion or the response of the audience. Today, people can air their views in real time and reach out to others through social media and social networks, personal blogs and on public forums. It is thus imperative of a brand.. read more →

HighQ published an infographic that demonstrated the value of video. Titled “ : The Year of Video Marketing” the infographic provides compelling reasons as to why video, if it’s not part of your content strategy yet, should be, including: 50% of all mobile traffic is attributable to online video 80%+ of senior executives are watching more.. read more →