Going stag to an event can mean leaving behind your whole support system. How in the world do people do this regularly? For most people the thought of going to an event or party without someone there that they already know is terrifying. Read on for a few hints to survive this ordeal. Dress appropriately.. read more →

The quote by John Denver that people everywhere are the same in heart and spirit perhaps is the best caption on why music connects people. There is something about music. It stirs some emotions in us. It has a universal appeal. Hearts and minds are in harmony when there is a tune or a song.. read more →

When anyone gets an invitation to attend an event, either as a part of the audience or as a participant in the scheme of things, many questions emerge that need to be answered immediately. The longer one waits, the fewer are the chances of attendance or participation. The first obvious question is if the person.. read more →

Marketing always delves on the needs and desires of people. There are goods and services that we need, which we classify as essential or basic items. There are goods and services that we don’t need for survival or to meet the basic needs of our livelihoods but we want them. This is clearly in the.. read more →

Organized meetings, conferences, and seminars have a lot in common. However, one of the most significant similarities between these things is the end goal: You want to engage your audience. However, what do you want to do from there? This is perhaps one of the most important questions to ask yourself, regardless of the event.. read more →

The only way to create emotional connections between products and people is by evoking an emotional reaction. If the reaction is outright logical, very expected or bland, then there can never be any emotional connection. The products that most people feel strongly about are those that have some relevance in their life, most notably as.. read more →

I love people watching. The other day, I had to wait for a train and I got to stay a little over 45 minutes waiting at Victoria station in London. It was very early in the morning, but there were a few things I noticed. I made a note of them as I am sure.. read more →

Every event has its basic checklist. Ensuring every quintessential need is attended to is an easy job for any proficient event planner. The real daunting challenge lies in trying to make the event unique. It is truly hard to come up with new ideas every now and then. The human mind is a treasure-trove but.. read more →

There is no standard response or a simple answer. Millions of people around the world are driven by emotions. There are millions of others who don’t let their emotions take any ounce of control of what they do, think or decide. Then there are those who are at times influenced by emotions and at times.. read more →

Event planners around the world are constantly requested to come up with ideas or concepts that would make the experience memorable for the guests or attendees. We live in an era where there are far too many distractions. Be it the flurry of newspapers or the endless tweets, advertisements screaming for our attention or professional.. read more →