This is the last video interview I captured at IMEX America. I was drawn into this corner of paradise. The music, the smell, the soft lighting, the set up and the furniture. This is how you escape and recharge while at busy events. I had the pleasure to interview Lee Papa. She explained about mindfulness.. read more →

It’s not that introverts require more work than extroverts, in order to draw out and benefit from their talents. The truth of the matter is that introverts are generally not difficult to compel to contribute their skills. It simply requires a different approach from what you might do with an extrovert. This is true in.. read more →

Many people would agree that the most difficult part of going to an event is being able to introduce yourself to a room full of strangers. Even if you are the most social person in the room, it can be a daunting task. Knowing all of the key tips and tricks necessary to make yourself.. read more →

What was the most memorable event you attended? What about the event makes it stand out in your mind? Chances are that the event stands out because of a particularly strong emotional connection you had with the event itself. Lets take a moment to discuss the importance of experience and emotion to making an event.. read more →

Research tells us that a positive attitude and positive thinking is practically contagious! You can use this simple bit of knowledge to your advantage when planning events. When you seem happy and ready to work, so, too, do your staff. And with happy staff, attendees tend to be happier, overall. Here, we will do our.. read more →

Event planning or event management is a tough job. According to a survey, event planning has been ranked as the sixth most stressful job in the United States. That may not sound so bad but if you consider fifth spot to be the job of a police officer and the fourth being that of a.. read more →