For extroverts the idea of a large get-together is an exciting one. Whether the group is meeting because of work or because of hanging out with friends, getting to spend time with others in a social situation is something that extroverts thrive on. For introverts though the opposite is true. The thought of speaking up,.. read more →

Where do I get my inspiration from? Which blog posts do I read to keep up with this ever changing, ever progressing industry? This list is nowhere close to being exhaustive, just my personal note on the blogs that are worth visiting. Here we go: (In no particular order) Borelli Strategies  Nick* specializes in digital marketing.. read more →

No matter how much we dislike plagiarism or try to root for the right way of doing anything, copying or seeking inspiration from as some people put it as will never cease. It has been there since time immemorial. Even the greatest epics from various cultures or civilizations have a lot in common. The major.. read more →

Maureen is the creative director at Me&Maureen Experience Design in the Netherlands. She works as an event director, writer, speech coach an storyteller in the realm of theatre production and event design. Ten years ago, she started making productions for companies that were looking for new ways to tell a story at gatherings, meetings and.. read more →

The fear of missing out is a recent phenomenon that is described as the feeling of insecurity and envy that you experience essentially when you others having a good time without you. This can present itself as one of your good friends seeing your favorite band in concert while you’re stuck at home or perhaps.. read more →

Exposure is always alluring. Right from the preteens to old age, attention and finding greater presence amongst others will always lure any and sundry! It is not surprising that innumerable companies use the get paid by exposure trick to invite experts, to get more panelists and also bring in guests who would otherwise be uninterested… read more →

VLOG ALERT: #vlog6 But first, let me take a selfie ft. First Steps | EventsUncoveredVlog I was invited and sponsored by First Steps to attend their very first event on Tuesday the 1st November at the Digital Catapult Centre. They had 6 phenomenal speakers who did a great job at informing, engaging, guiding and exciting the.. read more →

03 Nov 2016
November 3, 2016

〔Episode 284〕 Why should B2B companies invest in events? -Alex Hazell

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Alex is Director of Marketing & Events, with responsibility for developing The Up Group’s events strategy, including the flagship Digital Masters Awards, which takes place annually each June. Alex has over ten years of experience in the media industry. She began her career at Terrapinn, a B2B Media company, where she produced industry-leading European telecoms.. read more →

Ask a room full of experts to give you the key of growing your business, and you’re likely to get a number of different answers. One answer you are likely to hear at least a few times will be authenticity. Many believe that when it comes to growing your business profoundly and effectively, you need.. read more →

Elisabeth Hansa, owner of ELISABETH HANSA, Support & Strategy On Demand is an accomplished managing director specialising in marketing and business development of global meeting industry sales with 30 years of experience impacting major convention corporations through orchestration of sales and acquisitions, public relations, and high-quality convention and event management. She has extensive experience as.. read more →