31 Aug 2022
August 31, 2022

If You Expect Your Salesforce to Follow-Up on the Leads After Your Tradeshows – “FAGETABOUTIT”

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At the main page of 21clradio there is an entire list of saleforce sources that can be used as an example.

Why won’t YOUR salesforce follow-up? Because they can’t… so they won’t…and don’t. And you should not expect them to or blame them for not following up. Whaaaaaat? Oh they might contact the names the people they know or the company names they recognize. But 86% of tradeshow booth visitors today are NEW BUSINESS prospects –.. read more →

One of the biggest challenges with starting a new business is establishing a unique identity. Some people call this establishing a business personality and other people call this “branding.” Regardless of the name, all of these are equally important in order to foster a better business environment. This is especially important with new businesses as.. read more →

Whether you’re in college out or out of college, people undoubtedly bombarded you with the importance of networking and just how valuable it is as a long-term skill and asset. Well, if you’re now in the business realm, you have quickly realised just how valuable it is to have people whom you can network and.. read more →

Interactivity is often confused with co-creation. In most industries, co-creation is rather prized because of the perceived value of the outcome or the product. Companies cutting across industries have realized the benefit of multiple parties coming together to jointly or collectively create a product that is more valuable than what any one department would have.. read more →

Slides are an integral part of your presentation. Every slide needs to be impactful. The first lesson you should remember is that no information that is deemed an excess or is not very relevant, important or quintessential should not find a place on the slides. No slide should be used for information that can be.. read more →

Managing virtual teams spread around the world may appear to be a daunting challenge. It indeed is, unless you have a very well thought and pragmatic strategy. Virtual teams are not as easily accessible as your onsite team. You do have a sense of control but you cannot really be there and physically ensure that.. read more →

Miscommunication, ineffective communication and confusing or contradicting communication will ruin your event. Regardless of what type of event you are organising, the kind of audience you are catering to and the subject matter, context or purpose of the event, effective communication is one of the ingredients for success. While most proficient event planners and managers.. read more →

You are obviously accustomed with the basic demands of organising a conference. A local conference and an international conference will have certain identical quintessential needs. From planning to organising and the execution of the plan can be attended to with the same approach and diligence. It is the additional requirements that must be looked into… read more →

If you are organizing a business or corporate event, you will depend on technology. Private events can still do without state of the art software and hardware installations. Commercial events, tradeshows, seminars and any kind of business event will require some technological wonders. The realm of technology is ever expanding and quite diverse. Every type.. read more →

Everyone would want to work with the best team in a given industry or scenario. Everyone would want to get the best out of a team. Sadly, neither of the two is a given. You have to work towards developing a great team and leveraging their abilities to the utmost possibilities. There are many ways.. read more →