VLOG ALERT: #vlog6 But first, let me take a selfie ft. First Steps | EventsUncoveredVlog I was invited and sponsored by First Steps to attend their very first event on Tuesday the 1st November at the Digital Catapult Centre. They had 6 phenomenal speakers who did a great job at informing, engaging, guiding and exciting the.. read more →

07 Nov 2016
November 7, 2016

Blogging vs. Vlogging

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When it comes to blogging vs. vlogging, it is safe to say that this debate isn’t going to die. People continue to be extremely passionate about the benefits of either possibility. However, what no one can ultimately agree on is which one is ideal for the widest range of brands. To be sure, if you.. read more →

When it comes to gamification, you’re talking about a concept that has really taken fire in recent years. It has become the darling of events of all shapes and sizes. Is it worth exploring from your end? Absolutely. However, there are a number of elements to gamification that should be considered. You want to create.. read more →

VLOG ALER: #Vlog5: Rock&Roll GameShow ft. Song Division. I was invited and sponsored by Song Division to attend Rock&Roll GameShow at the Brooklyn Bowl on Tuesday the 25th October. What a night it was! There were about 80-100 people divided in teams. It started at 7pm with a round of fun games. The games lasted for.. read more →

Ask a room full of experts to give you the key of growing your business, and you’re likely to get a number of different answers. One answer you are likely to hear at least a few times will be authenticity. Many believe that when it comes to growing your business profoundly and effectively, you need.. read more →

Are you planning social media for your event? Then it should go without saying that you need to create a hashtag to go with that social media. A branded hashtag is vital. It shows the world what you are up to. At the same time, it gives them a hashtag that will accomplish two things.. read more →

Organized meetings, conferences, and seminars have a lot in common. However, one of the most significant similarities between these things is the end goal: You want to engage your audience. However, what do you want to do from there? This is perhaps one of the most important questions to ask yourself, regardless of the event.. read more →

Vlogging is a really big deal these days. Vloggers can easily become overnight celebrities. Video blogging allows for individuals to create content that is entirely their own. Everything is stripped right down to the tastes, voice, and perspective of the individuals. It also allows for an enormous, deep well of creative possibilities. Brands are starting.. read more →

There are so many different blogs online that having the ability to stand out and have your own dedicated audience is not an easy task. Not only do you have a hard enough time attracting readers to your blog in the first place, but getting them to return regularly is even more difficult. Increasing the.. read more →

VLOG ALERT! #Vlog4: I was freaking out ft. Event Tech Lab! I was kindly invited by James Morgan, Founder of Event Tech Lab, to participate on a panel on Tuesday the 11th October at the Event Tech Lab Tech Talks. The event was at a great venue: Huckletree. Yes, you read that right. I wasn’t invited to vlog,.. read more →