When anyone gets an invitation to attend an event, either as a part of the audience or as a participant in the scheme of things, many questions emerge that need to be answered immediately. The longer one waits, the fewer are the chances of attendance or participation. The first obvious question is if the person.. read more →

Everyone needs to find a niche. It doesn’t have to be too arty and hence catering to a certain elite. It doesn’t have to be massy to become acceptable in popular culture. Niche doesn’t imply either of the two extremes. Niche is just a specialization, a particular category or type wherein your expertise lies. To.. read more →

No matter how much we dislike plagiarism or try to root for the right way of doing anything, copying or seeking inspiration from as some people put it as will never cease. It has been there since time immemorial. Even the greatest epics from various cultures or civilizations have a lot in common. The major.. read more →

Video is a powerful medium of communication. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is certainly worth a thousand pictures and could be exponentially more depending on the duration. Using video in advertising has been perfected as commercials. Today, you can use various types of video content to promote your events… read more →

In the business world, the best and fastest way to meet new people is through networking. Networking is all about meeting people and finding potential connections and contacts. Understanding the ins and outs of building new relationships through networking is essential to anyone that hopes to push their business forward. However, to make the most.. read more →

Marketing always delves on the needs and desires of people. There are goods and services that we need, which we classify as essential or basic items. There are goods and services that we don’t need for survival or to meet the basic needs of our livelihoods but we want them. This is clearly in the.. read more →

The fear of missing out is a recent phenomenon that is described as the feeling of insecurity and envy that you experience essentially when you others having a good time without you. This can present itself as one of your good friends seeing your favorite band in concert while you’re stuck at home or perhaps.. read more →

Exposure is always alluring. Right from the preteens to old age, attention and finding greater presence amongst others will always lure any and sundry! It is not surprising that innumerable companies use the get paid by exposure trick to invite experts, to get more panelists and also bring in guests who would otherwise be uninterested… read more →

The event industry is constantly trying to reinvent itself. There are customary ingredients necessary for specific types of events to be well planned, organized, managed and hosted. There are special attributes that make an event noticeably different. Satiation and success depend on all of these quintessential elements and then there is the showstopper. Events must.. read more →

“I come across many clients who are fed up with events at run-of-the-mill hotels.” The Castle Man explains how a little bit of creative thinking can make an event stand out: “Buildings that are out-of-the ordinary, steeped in history or have an amazing back-drop have always been a popular choice for original and engaging corporate.. read more →