The only way to create emotional connections between products and people is by evoking an emotional reaction. If the reaction is outright logical, very expected or bland, then there can never be any emotional connection. The products that most people feel strongly about are those that have some relevance in their life, most notably as.. read more →

The online community is growing and it is estimated that the global internet using population will more than double in the next few years as underdeveloped nations connect more people via wired and wireless internet. Not focusing on the online community is a mistake millions of companies around the world had made for a few.. read more →

Community, collaboration and coordination are at the crux of most events. For an event to be a grand success there must be an efficient community working on effective collaboration and coordination. However, the three are not synonymous. They are related and may even be used in the same context but there are technical and functional.. read more →

Creating a knowledge base may seem like a scary prospect. How do you gather everything that your customers want to know about your products or services, and put it in a format that’s useable and efficient? But a thoughtful knowledge base creation process can be a worthwhile exercise—even if you fill in the blanks gradually.. read more →

Videos are a great medium to present any kind of content. Even the verbose articles, research papers and journals are better presented as documentaries or nonfictional videos. However, videos too can be bland. Given the fact that people are barely a few seconds into something and they would turn their attention away if what they.. read more →

VLOG ALERT! #Vlog3: To drink or not to drink ft. VSC! I was kindly invited by Mexia Communications to the VSC Vineyard event. It was the perfect event to showcase their fully refurbished rooms while having a good time. Plenty of wine, food and networking throughout the evening. Thank you to Mexia Communications for inviting.. read more →

Online communities are significant assets and companies must use them for various purposes, including promotions. Online outreach, including footprint on social networks and social media, have proven to be very useful and rather consequential. Companies that have phenomenal following online can launch flash sales and run out of stock in a matter of hours. Numerous.. read more →

Chances are, you have worked really hard to get your blog or website to the point it is at now. There have been a lot of sweat and tears poured into this project! You find yourself churning out awesome content but, become fearful that there are crickets chirping in the background. You want to build.. read more →

VLOG ALERT! #Vlog2: My French Networking Affair ft. The MICE Blog! I was kindly invited to the #EventPlannersTalk LIVE event on the 21th September. The topic was: The Future of Corporate Networking. There were 3 speakers, 1 facilitator and a room full of interesting, engaged event professionals. This was a real treat for me (and anyone.. read more →

The idea of building collaborative communities has been floating around for almost a century now and it has been put to practice in myriad ways. One of the first manifestations of building collaborative communities was the United Nations, which of course came into existence after the wars, but it did serve a great purpose and.. read more →