There are many reasons why you should use video for business. Videos are more interesting. They will entice even the laziest in the audience to check something out. Videos are more shareable and hence can get your company more exposure than other mediums. Videos are also simpler for people to relate to. Technical jargon, quaint.. read more →

Every business should consider using videos for marketing purposes, special promotions and even in their blogs. Video blogs are becoming a quintessential element in online marketing. Small to medium businesses may wonder if videos are affordable and if they would be worthwhile. No business is too small or too big for video marketing. The first.. read more →

Vlogging had never really become as popular as blogging. But it is now proving to be more effective. In the last decade, vlogging has churned millionaires out of gamers who upload videos of them playing with a running commentary. Vlogging has helped movie critics develop their own channel and they are not only self employed.. read more →

Video is a powerful medium of communication. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is certainly worth a thousand pictures and could be exponentially more depending on the duration. Using video in advertising has been perfected as commercials. Today, you can use various types of video content to promote your events… read more →

Vlogging is a really big deal these days. Vloggers can easily become overnight celebrities. Video blogging allows for individuals to create content that is entirely their own. Everything is stripped right down to the tastes, voice, and perspective of the individuals. It also allows for an enormous, deep well of creative possibilities. Brands are starting.. read more →

Videos are a great medium to present any kind of content. Even the verbose articles, research papers and journals are better presented as documentaries or nonfictional videos. However, videos too can be bland. Given the fact that people are barely a few seconds into something and they would turn their attention away if what they.. read more →

We have taken most technological perks for granted. From slideshows to audiovisual or multimedia content, from convenient email service providers to social media, EVERYTHING HAS BECOME SO EMBEDDED IN OUR DAILY LIVES THAT THEY DON’T APPEAR TO BE VALUABLE. They are part of the mundane. In the process, we have started using those tools that changed.. read more →

HighQ published an infographic that demonstrated the value of video. Titled “ : The Year of Video Marketing” the infographic provides compelling reasons as to why video, if it’s not part of your content strategy yet, should be, including: 50% of all mobile traffic is attributable to online video 80%+ of senior executives are watching more.. read more →

When you are getting ready to create your booth for a conference within your specific industry, you need to look for unique ways to stand out. When you are right at the center of hundreds of other booths and in front of attendees, you need to find a way to capture the attention of those.. read more →

30 Sep
September 30,

How to Use Video for Fundraising

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There are different types of media that you can use to grab the attention of people, but video is a form of media that has a wide reach and really connects. A video has the ability to really capture your attention and make you feel like you are a part of the action. It is.. read more →